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Monday, September 16, 2013


late night bout of insomnia
once shy, twice bitten by Sir Jeffrey

creature of the night flustered
cigarettes and English tea
rice cakes and water
the nauseating aftermath
of a rampaging war hammer
impromptu dinner emptied
bloodied spaghetti puddles
filtered water flowing freely

slumber gods still denying entry
a steaming slag pile of junk
battered, fighting a losing battle
scratching itches arising spontaneously
I feel like I am doing time
waiting for words to help me forget
a creative burst: the consolation
my weary head tilted downward

oh, how much I now regret waiting
waiting then for the man to come
waiting now for insomnia to concede
syringes long emptied and blunted

it's going to be a long night
you can bet your life, it is

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