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Saturday, August 26, 2017


Though my whole world is constantly under attack, I’m still an ethical criminal with the decency clean skins lack
You think society’s got your back, but it’s only still intact by sending the weak off the beaten track
It’s a story of exploitation, even more than poison peddlers take advantage of a junkie’s addiction
Submit instead of causing friction and mayhem in a fucked up, happy whore capitalist system
Forget about conventional wisdom, you can’t be of assistance to the lives of the down-trodden
If you’ve been bought off in the first instance by the noose that is blind adherence to consumerism
And it’s dictates, as it were fate that all you’ve seemed to do of late is to buy more useless shit inside a pearly gate
Such a sorry state, I just hate how we’ve all swallowed the fat cat master’s bait and become so complacent we can’t shake
The shackles around our wrists and ankles, resigned ourselves to the deafening beat of a humiliating defeat 
Of our interests collectively, bought off by a buy until you die orgy eclipse that keeps dollars firmly entrenched within filthy rich families

They control all and sundry while ruthlessly dropping happy bombs on their enemies with the aid of armoured metal killing machines
Watch it happen on TV, soon terrorists will finally be free from causing chaos to infidel families as they please 
They will soon be sorry, just a part of another media story about good guys defeating bad guys who have been killing us indiscriminately
Innocents they kill mainly with explosives made in a perpetual war promoting factory who’s owners cash in handsomely
Just like all shareholders with a foothold in the belly of a military industrial complex that’s been killing niggers for centuries
It’s quite plain for all to see that war is good for the economy, that’s why we spend so much money on stealing resources from weak, defenceless countries
Why put so much energy into revealing this great travesty using long sentences held together by the vitality of a ghetto rhyming strategy
Because it really gotten to me, this life so meaningless and empty in a society in which control mechanisms to herd sheep are aplenty 
I wanna smash it all up and watch all the fault lines erupt, destroy the structures erected by the hands of slaves to a humanity so greedy and corrupt
When all the shopping centres shut will we all fall into a rut of misery and emptiness when it disrupts our daily routines like a hammer smashing down on a bit bit

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