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Friday, February 27, 2015


Automatons at the train station, fuck the system, we're victims of indoctrination
Taught to be nothing at all, made to feel lame and small,
Ready to fall, aimless goals, FUCK THIS, I'm not gonna take it anymore,
I'm a fearless warrior here to chop shit, masked anarchist
There's so much waste generated from this rat race, we act with haste, quick thinkers, relentless
Perpetuating this cycle through lifestyle, it's endless
Fuck these consumerist whores, I rob stores, most people wouldn't steal a pen lid, pussies
The level of my indignation is beyond the depths of your imagination, don't push me
Many obstacles we're facin', people dying for no good reason, would you commit treason?
Wake up, the nation doesn't give a fuck abut us, stop sleeping, time to strip off the rust, stop appeasing
Our evolving conciousness seems to be repeating, media force feeding us lies, bullshit we're eating
Try info before you buy, question authority, be critical, cynical, ask why, stop competing

You worry about your lack of status, making money matters
Don't tell me about your first world problems, 'cause I've fucking had it
Everything you've got's been handed to you on a silver platter

They don't need to burn books, nobody reads them anyway, 
They'd rather play with their smart phones, it's the modern way
Next level bullshit, everything simplified
We stand in the corner petrified, we could be taking flight
Our apathy and inaction keeps the contracts alive and moving, Halliburton reconstructing and producing
New buildings upon rubble, roads paved in oil, radioactive soil
History will keeps repeating, crimes against humanity with Uncle Sam at the helm, extuingishing light - a dark realm
War is good for the economy, there's blood in the well
Stop whinging about your lifes monotomy kid, cheer up, go buy the products they sell
You've had a taste of happiness, times up, recoil, back to the shell,

You worry about your lack of status, making money matters
Don't tell me about your first world problems, 'cause I've fucking had it
Everything you've got's been handed to you on a silver platter

Existence can be challenging for you and for me and all the people in between
Resistance is not an option, it's a necessity if we want to be free
The people have had enough, pitch battles on the street, its us versus police
The way we treat each other defies belief, the cruelty of the planet, the lunacy, the seeds of greed
Most couldn't give a fuck about the plight, lack of passion, pussies, action reaction, collateral damage
We're all slaves to the latest fashions, full of hatred and apathy, not compassion, donate to charity dammit
Bad habits, too-fatted livers in a state of cirrhosis
Lost our minds, we stand in the cold half-naked, like a meth junkie in the grips of psychosis
Dead inside, we've lost sight of the bigger picture, forgotten our planet has a future, 
We murder one another in the name of freedom, patriotic fools with semi-automatics 
Super troopers, harbingers of death, super computers

We are a canerous growth, we've grown fat
Farming life, draining other species, we're parasites 
Latched onto hosts, pests, ecoterrorists 
We'll take from this planet until there's nothing left
Top of the food chain, it's a jungle we're living in
Horns are cut off live Rhinos for a placebo medicine
Tigers penis chopped off to give the dysfunctional erections
Sharks get fins torn off with knifes then left to bleed in the ocean 'til they surface, they don't survive
Float up at the end of their lives, they've served their purpose They're served on tables, blood on ladel
Shark fin soup, many restaurants serve this food, ask the waiter about this 
They got a bowl for you, a traditional delicacy, cheap cheap too
Culture of killers, morality tossed, collapsed roof, no pillars Tigers tooth on a chain, oil poured on chimp brain
Chicken in a small cage, cows strung up, crying as they rotate Carnivorous appetite, we've got a sharp blade

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