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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hey there girl with the cool tattoos and cricket obsession
I've never met anyone else quite like you in all my life
And I mean that in a good way, with the utmost of sincerity
Your kind heart warms my heart like a beautiful bonfire
And your beautiful words make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
You made many promises to me that took my breath away
As you offered much more than I feel I deserve to have
You told me that I was the miracle that came into your life
Just when you thought you'd be alone for the rest of your life
Surrounded only by cats and memories of relationships gone wrong
Well, there's something you should know about miracles
While I was saving you from your past, you were busy saving me too
I wouldn't have the will to carry on if not for you in my life
Without you my life would be so lonely and oh so empty
You mean more to me than the moon and the stars and the sun
If I had the strength, I would move mountains for you
If it meant that you would be happy and free to do as you please
You are my ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak existence
You light up the night when darkness engulfs all and sundry
The spark of hope I've been searching for to make me feel alive
The most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me
I don't care that you're going to win a medal for laziness
In fact, I think it's cute that someone could put so much effort
into not making much of an effort to move much at all
If I had gold medals to give away, I'd give you one for kindness
It needs repeating because that's one of the best things about you
That you care enough to give me the things I need when I'm down and out
But what you've given me cannot have a price put on it
Much more than I can do justice to with just some mere words
You said you couldn't give me the world or the sky
But you've given me both in ways I never could have imagined
Just by being there for me, you saved a life that was going nowhere fast
There would be not have been a world or sky in my reality any longer
If not for you appearing in my life just when you did
It was on Christmas day that we first laid eyes upon on another
And even then I could tell you were different, stood out from the rest
More decent, more honest, more caring and more beautiful inside and out
I cannot even to begin to express in words all your positive traits
Please don't go changing for anyone because you're perfect as you are
If I was God and had crazy powers, I still wouldn't touch a hair on your head
You are well and truly the best thing that has ever happened to me
And I will never do anything to hurt you, that is my promise back
You will hold a special place in my heart for all of eternity 

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