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Sunday, January 11, 2015

So we call this progress, these lives of excess, but there's no recess
Technology may have made life easier, that's why we're all getting fatter
As we sit by indolently, that fast food is so cheap is the tragedy
A whole population ravaged by diabetes, because access is so easy
We sit by idly as the natives die out, nobody cares, it's time to cry foul
A life expectancy on par with the third world, but we don't care because we are unaware
When they fight each other, intoxicated on the alcohol we gave them, people stop and stare
It's easier to objectify the other than to see them as our sisters and brothers
And if you tell me we are not a racist nation, then you are a fucking liar
Meanwhile the processing of information has become faster but have we become any smarter

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