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Saturday, August 09, 2014


darkness engulfs all and sundry, piercing the light
curtains of silk filter incoming luminescence
another slight attack as innards reach up towards the sun
twisting and entwining like ivy
days of being wild and domesticated all at the same time
weeks of reckless distortion
cancerous fumes caressing the small of her back
I remove her corpse from the bathtub
shrapnel shatters in all directions as a bo
mb explodes in silence
the media does not notice
one life worth more than another
Kanye is worth millions
and Kim Kardashian more than the entire world
pop culture plagues the airwaves
disseminating pre-packaged spectacles for millions of blind fools
consumer based hierarchies connected directly to brain stems
buy, buy, buy
shop until you drop, it's all the rage
petrochemical collectables
the emperor still wears no clothes and he is all of us
I don't watch the news any more
death is just another product they sell to the highest bidder
and Rupert has a lot of money
he probably sleeps with money and shoves dildos made of gold up his arse
I guess it comes with the territory
if you took away a rich man's money he would miss it like an amputee misses their legs
phantom pains
all you money fuckers can go fuck yourselves
shackle your body with golden chains while Gina sits on your face
you'd like that a lot, wouldn't you?
good luck finding her clitoris
as hard as finding your soul amidst all of your money
good luck

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