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Sunday, January 09, 2011


Inside our hearts,
a power immutable.
Compassion, kindness:
will cowards suck us dry?
Pure intentions,
love so indisputable.
Reach out to others;
the selfish shall wonder why.

Treat each other day
like another Christmas day.
Kind in every way;
not on show just for that day.
Human decency
in every interaction.
Love thy enemy,
not to please a deity.

Spineless hypocrites
will repent when it suits them.
Morals smashed to bits
as drunkards shy from heaven.
Self-righteous fingers
pointed at us atheists.
Who shall pray for her
as he beats the whore senseless?

Return each Sunday
to worship thy lord above.
Though sins are plenty,
they still do not own enough.
Another excuse
to lie, cheat, steal from the poor.
God will forgive you,
so keep knocking on his door.


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