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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


everywhere around me millions of sheep
I'm think that I am special, something unique
but I've switched off my brain, gone back to sleep
I'm so full of anger and doubts, can't find any
peace of mind so I rack up another line of ice
get back on the treadmill, I'll tell you how it makes me feel
like I'm going nowhere and I'm going there fast

and all the good times I used to have they never last
because I'm living on borrowed time, can't make up my mind
they say one has to be cruel in order to be kind
yes I've got no originality, that's why I'm falling behind
the eight ball, missing the point of the story all of the time

I'm just an imitator of an imitation of a clone
another year has passed but I've hardly grown
my mind is like mud, dirty and thick
I'd better grow up and I'd better do it quick
for life isn't a cartoon, nor a gangster movie
I'm living in a concrete jungle, why can't I see
that everything is a test, lessons to be learned
more than just about money that I have earned
and I'm living my life as if I am dead inside
somebody turned out the lights, stripped me of all pride
because I'm falling behind trends and all the latest fashions
and my soul is so poor I need to learn how to ration

I may as well give up, lay down and die
if I'm going to be a poser, believe my own lies
mustn't be a fool, must be more sublime than that
stop acting like a gangster with a backwards cap
for I've never used a gun, popped a cap in anyone's arse
and I've never had to suffer but I think I'm hard
I'm just white, male, pretentious and middle class
and my daddy just bought me a new g-ride car
no, I'm not black, not from the ghetto, not even close
I'm just another fool walking down a deserted road
time to grow up, to stop pretending, to just be myself
pick up a book from the bookshelf not something else

time to grow up

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