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Monday, August 11, 2014


the television buzzed with nondescript emissions of static
the silence made the room shake
pleasant euphemisms fell from the decorated shelves
under the pavement...
below the daily churning of societal bounds
chains shackled to the feet of an aristocrat
he stumbles as he attempts to tread the commoner's path
birth, school, job, marriage, materialism, mortgage, death
love, hate, rebirth, orthodox, training,
repent, calm
Presbyterian awakening, Jesuit sleep
disaster, the calm after the storm
have you got the medicine?
do you have an opinion?
the mind is never entirely made up
fiction is more real than fact
science is for the logically incapable
a fully competent adult chucks a tantrum
a woman never lies
premeditated premeditation
destructive criticism
a hatred of repetition, a repetition of hatred
a cycle of malintent and informative malnourishment
white boys popping caps in the Dalkeith hood
black girls shopping at City Beach
and China is a continent
just like Taiwan
the United States of Austria
the most formidable and regal of empires
the emperor likes to imbibe nonsense
whilst the citizens prefer other routes of consumption
a bra for his man boobs, two sizes too small
a car for her problems, freedom for one and all

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