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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Two souls torn apart after an uncomfortable start
I’m left here devastated trying hard to pick up the pieces
And hold on to at least some semblance of sanity
You meant more than the entire universe to me
But without you here by my side, everything seems harder
As I remain caught up in a war inside my weary head
Nothing seems right, but memories pull me through
To the other side of the abyssal hole inside of my heart
Shown now to be as fragile as a crystal glass bird
It was shattered into the fragments of a million pieces
The fire that burnt inside it will never die out though
It will shine a light for you: then, now and forever after
A soul mate comes along maybe once in a lifetime
And I have no doubt that’s exactly what you were
That’s why I will keep searching for a way to get back there
The place where we’re not only meeting in dreamland
I hold out hope that we will one day hold each other again
It’s the only thing that keeps me going in this lonely life
I just know that I will find my darling again before I'm spent
I will move heaven and earth and not rest until I finally do

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