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Sunday, June 05, 2016


Kindness can kill the ill feeling
of even the most bitter of enemies.
In order to put up with one of them,
the trick is to keep breathing
and to remind yourself that despicable characters are required
to give us an example of how not to be.
To forgive one's enemies is to rise above
the limitations otherwise imposed
by considering them to be of that calibre in the first place.
Find the courage to love them too in good time
and many headaches and dramas can and will be avoided.
To treat those, who refuse to treat you well, with common decency
is to open one's heart up to their imperfections,
for there is not a single person on this entire planet
who hasn't done wrong by another
and hurt them badly,
perhaps without even considering the consequences of their actions on the other.
Nobody is beyond question
when it comes to such matters of the heart.
Let's all reach out to those too stubborn to even be able to say a simple sorry,
thus sustaining the tension between supposed brothers in arms.
I, for one, have reached the stage
where hatred and anger no longer serve any good purpose
and would much rather kill all my enemies
with a dose of kindness and compassion,
before naively smothering them in a sea of good intentions.
Indefatigable  I will be
in my attempts to build bridges and mend fences,
but mark my words,
I will never forget the events that have transpired.
It's one thing to forgive others for their transgressions,
but it's another to let them take advantage of you,
over and over again,
like a soldier keeps on marching on.
It is wise to forgive but never forget.
While kindness is often taken advantage of,
I will not let it deter me from my main mission
of bringing about peace and love
to all who I will choose to continue to cross paths with.
And I shall continue to spray bullets of non-harm
in each and every waking moment,
for in the end,
one only hurts oneself more in the long run
by holding grudges and seeking vengeance.
Life is far too short for such shit.
There is much strength in gentleness,
so tread lightly and don't be too hard on others,
for they are fucked up human creatures just like you,
seeking truth and adventure,
in a world into which we have all been thrown,
without rhyme, nor reason,
clinging onto sanity by the finest of threads.
Yes, we are all on a journey of discovery,
to see how much we can tolerate,
before we blow our lids.
If you see the Buddha on the side of the road
and he starts preaching like was Jesus,
then kill him before he bores you to death.
Be disarmed but cautious,
always reminding yourself
of the great sense in walking down the path of moderation,
while fully aware of infinite contradictions.
Kill him swifty and do it now!

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