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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


listen to the static silence inside of their cruelty and violence

the dark recesses of their gluttonous excesses, timeless
the deep chasm of despair that manifest into back spasms
the hedonistic pleasures that are derived from Godhead's leisure-
time, a power dynamic, they create our crimes
their lives: so tragic, purveyors of capital and plastic wares
this dissident did not become belligerent by accident
it's heaven sent, buyer beware, curse all that energy you have spent
because you're gonna need help, your body is up for rent,
you're gonna need the last reserves of your violent tendencies
they're gunning for you: the cops, the army, your enemies
they're corrupt as all fuck, it's quite plain to see
and they don't give a flying fuck about you and me

not one iota
out to fuck us over
they take pleasure
in fucking us over

they want you to simply consume, don't want you to resume
taking flight, for you and you ilk to put up a fight
so many fucking spectacles, they've got such long tentacles
that reach out far and wide, as they disseminate more lies
they'll destroy your pride in one fell fucking swoop
if you think you are free then your have clearly been duped
they want you to accept everything as it is, not participate
in the political processes that affect your life, not anticipate
the war against your body, but mainly against your mind
so why's your back up against the wall? why are your wasting precious time?
sleeping with the enemy, who lied when they told you that you are free
they want to control everything, control the world, control you and me

make us passive
sell us shit and black magic
think we are meek
like some delirious meth freak

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