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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I'm not here to be pleasant, no I'm here to offend ya
fuck the powers that be and their corporate agenda
they're out to control us like a puppet on a string
they want us to bow down, not question anything
we are the slaves, the peons serving the king
he makes money off our labor and gives us nothing
we blindly consume shit as they shift more capital

we think it's our lot in life but that's not fucking rational
we will not do their bidding like passive circus animals
let's bring down their impenetrable fortress, fire a cannon ball
rush the gates of heaven, bring God down to his knees
we need to fight the powers that be, don't stop until we are free

question everything
don't be a fool
don't give them nothing
nobody's tool

they've brainwashed millions of our sisters and brothers
don't you forget this simple fact, always remember
that they're out to deceive us, feed us propaganda
make us believe everything that's recorded by a video camera
unquestioningly absorb all the information coming from the television
all the glitzy glamour and bullshit playing on every station
they will do anything to pacify us, stamp out all dissent
if you are down with the enemy then it's time to confess and repent
are we going to let this state of affairs continue for evermore?
no! it's time to stand up and be counted, to be more than just a whore
so let's wrestle back control of our bodies, stop moping in sorrow like Eeyore
this isn't a movie, a game or a fantasy, it's fucking class war

question everything
don't be a fool
don't give them nothing
nobody's tool

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