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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Self-destruction is the grand prize
When you can see through all their lies
They’ve got dollar sign in their eyes
And claim the whole world as their prize

So you call yourself an anarchist
And reject all forms of hierarchy
But do you understand what you know?
Can you describe what is “anarchy”?

All around us is visual pollution
As the “sheeple” dance the dance of delusion
An ubiquitous case of cranial contusion
Is it part of the human condition
That we all are socially conditioned
To believe what we see or hear on television?

We believe we are free
Free agents of the free world
We act on capital’s decree
Buying the shit we see on TV
And never questioning the status quo
Our desires, the lowest common denominator

We consume like consumption were food
One pair of shoes for each mood
Yes, the emperor is stark raving nude
When you see through his façade
He will wield the sword of naked power
And grow stronger hour by hour
If we don’t take back the power
Rather we choose to roll over and cower

Who will choose to be an agent of change
When day after day, nothing really changes
The starving are still starving
As the emperor is gluttonously laughing
Preventable diseases run rampant
When the corporations protect their precious patents

Suicide genes in suicide seeds
The unmitigated memes of greed
Genocide is what genocide is
Crypto fascism under a foreign aid façade
As the new world kings knowingly wave to each other
Like the world is not enough
And all resources are theirs for their taking
They dump the food to hike up the prices
While the mass pit of cadavers grows exponentially
The dollar and the gold for the entire family

What is said has been said a million times before
What we want is more of the same
Repetition dressed up as novelty
Destroy the whole world with acid rain
And history as they write it is more of the same
They control the present so they control the past
Built in obsolescence, the name of the game
Building machines with a use by date

So we have a choice to make
Do we want to accept this shit
Or are we going to disobey?
Are we going to take another hit
Of that fire water that drowns out reality
Or are we going to say “enough!”
“We reject this sordid reality!”
“We won’t take this shit any more!”

The choice is yours to make my friend
Do you want to defend and just pretend
That everything is fine and dandy
And continue to consume the genocide candy?
Or do you want to create something new?
A world where all our desires are fulfilled
And not just for the few on the top of the heap
Equality is what the revolutionaries seek

The choice is yours to make my friend
Do you want to hear the sound of my elongated windpipe?

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