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Monday, March 11, 2013


feel your bones against mine
dissident out of time
all alone in my mind
all the while, wasting time
no meaning, lack of pride
cut through lies with a knife
wake up on the other side
the oppressed, they will rise

our affluence comes at price
our brand new shoes look very nice
one bowl of rice will not suffice
so the truth takes us by surprise

much beauty on this earth
every day is the same
waste our time, go to work
you shall cry, yes it hurts
the end is nigh in this world
drop the bomb, kill some 'niggers'
they eat dirt in the third world
it's poverty for sinners

our privilege comes at a price
we dine like kings while people starve
buy more, eat more, don't think twice
we tell ourselves comfortable lies

yet again, press rewind
every day is the same
without thought, speak your mind
get ahead, play the game
get so high on candy
go nowhere on a treadmill
which drugs do you fancy?
keep climbing up that hill

our way of life comes at a price
we play with smart phones while they slave
we celebrate while people die
we'll never see or change our ways

keep telling ourselves comfortable lies

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