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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I urinate into the emptiness of coagulated city streets
to cleanse away our first world privilege built upon hypocrisy.
Some people will stick the knife in when you've got your back turned.
We've all had it happen to us and we may even have done the dirty back,
It's built into the insecure mainframe of the system you see.
The monetary security of the solutions sold by the insecurity industry.

I was asked at a job interview whether I could deal with difficult people.
I said "you are looking at the biggest arsehole of them all!"
(Or at least it was one of those hollywood revenge fantasy moments)
But people don't want to hear the truth because people don't want to hear the truth.
I gave the guy the stock standard answer while trying not to be too much of an obnoxious prick.
Oh how I digress or am I making a side point yet again?

We live in a world full of hypocrites
And the biggest hypocrite is one who claims not to be a hypocrite.
But I am not a hypocrite...
I am perfect for I am omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.
Oh, that must make me god if I've done my arithmetic correctly.
I was never good at mathematics or Engrish in high school
Because I was too cool for school and all that...

Well maybe I could be lying but I am perfect and I never tell lies
I'm a gook and all gooks are good at Engrish, maths and of course, science
(oh and they could also be latent commies)
Before we judge and condemn one another,
We should all consider taking a long hard look within ourselves.
Why are some many people oblivious to the hollow reflection staring back from from the broken mirrors of age old promises of freedom?
Perhaps, my truth is nothing more than a rant for the sake of ranting or for the sake of filling in the lines.

I sometimes beat myself or others up for taking our Western imperialist privilege for granted.
I'm so bored of finding myself getting bored of being bored.
I refuse to die from boredom.
Only boring people get bored.



Hey brother! It's good to see you blogging and spittin' poetry again! I noticed you've got my old "fragments" blog in your link list. My new blog is at: http://insurgelicious.blogspot.com Hope you're well man. Peace. Marco

Anonymous said...

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