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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


fungus footbal faggot formaldehyde
umbrella underwear uncle undress
camera circus cancer cannibal
knowledge kingpin kinetic kamkaze

cleanliness convention conspiracy conundrum
uxorious undertow user-pays umpire
newspaper neanderthal nipple nephritis
taxonomy tendrils tonsillitus tabernacle

specialisation semen spectacle supernova
histamine histrionic hermaphrodite history
intense intuition insanity ice-age
therapy theosophy thoroughbred technology

patriarchy petroleum polysyllabic plebiscite
island industry irreversible individualisation
sandpaper semantics sandgroper sedition
Stalin semiotics sweepstake synthesis

frzzl flzzl frzzl flzzl
undllr undrza undllr undrza
clazzl clozzl clazzl clozzl
klazzl klozzl klazzl klozzl

fun udder cadaver kleptomania
ford utopia communism  Kropotkin
funky undersized cleverness ku klux klan
factory ugliness consumer kinky

famous underneath calamity kangaroo
flippant unconscionable candy karaoke
fire uaccountable chinese kingdom
fraternity uncertainty curry kinship

fozzl fuzzl fozzl fuzzl
ugllr ugrza ugllr ugrza
clzzl crzzl clzzl crzzl
klzzl krzzl klzzl krzzl

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