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Friday, September 01, 2006


Fuck what they say!
This is what they will not say:
Join us in our merry parade,
Celebrating the state of our money.
So we can buy more bourgeois items.
We will destroy your KKKorrupt KKKapitalist KKKulture!
Then we will destroy everything
Because we all need more whiteworld-slavetrade products!
We will destroy your banKKKrupt imperiali$t vulture$!
And the meanings of your rational world are the meanings we shall destroy.
Will Darth Vader come to destroy or perhaps save us from ourselves?
No, we will anihilate everything before mohammed h. jesus gets here.
No, this isn't a war on Islam or a war against an abstract noun.
Its not even a war for OIL or a war to AID corporations.
Its a war on every front, a war on the common person:
The man who works his fingers to the bone, struggling just to SURVIVE.
The woman who watches her children cry in fear as sonic booms steal away the night.
They call it collective punishment when you target everyone because they are the other.
Reminders and the legacy of the tormented,
Tormentors torment and maim the satellites of innocence.
The tormented become tormentors, rabbits transmutate into dingos.
I liberated a coca-cola glass and its slimy innards came to a violent end,
Fractured into the toxic shards of western civilisation.
I loaded up an aristocratic catapult with pyro-synergetic propaganda,
Then I fired directly into the triple-bypass heart of prime time.
The automatons malfunctioned and started singing and dancing to ones and zeros.
The engineers and those information peddlers, who dwell in ivory towers, began to panic,
Until everything became illuminated by the halogen glow of freedom.
The robots and their creators danced together on every city street...
And then I woke up to this lolly shop of hate and VIOLENCE,
To feel the wind changing direction.
"Storms are coming", proclaimed the Maybelline weather woman.
But i did not need her to tell me the wind has changed.
I feel the change in every mode and moment of my existence.

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