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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


So much loss I’d have to endure
In a matter of just months this year:
My home, my soul mate, my friends
My peace of mind, my sanity
Reality twisting and turning
Like a torture contraption
Trapping me in these cycles
Of dejection and resignation
To the cruel fate inflicted upon me
By the hands of time gone wrong
Slipping away as if by grand design
The world is trying it’s darndest
To drag me down into the mud
To grind me into the ground
But I shall put an end the rain
Pouring down from my weary eyes
And remember the endless possibilities
For renewal, healing and growth
That comes from dwelling in hell
Upon this earth so tarnished
By the wicked hand of things
Beyond our mortal control
Spanners in the shifting winds
Of times that test our resolve
Things surely must get better
When everything is out of control
From the depths of suffering
Comes compassion for others
And the strength to survive anything
That this cruel world can throw at us
I’ve been through turmoil
That almost completely destroyed me
In possibly the worst year of my life
But I’m still standing here
With a heart that works
And two hands and two feet
What more could I ask for
Than the opportunity for change?
I shall count my blessings
And they are still many
In spite of the darkness
Threatening to engulf all and sundry
I am lucky to have survived
For this long in this cruel world
That contradicts itself
By throwing great beauty
In the face of the staunchest pessimist
Disarming him for just a moment
For him to find a glimmer of hope
Amidst his negatron constructions
Of impending dark clouds
Yes, I confess to being that person
But I still have a spark or two left
To start my struggling engine again
There is still hope where some saw none
It’s undeniable that hope is important
I must keep reminding myself of this
When you’ve lost almost everything
You can only find yourself again
Free from the bondage of excess
The things you no longer require
To clutter up your fragile mind
I shall find myself again
Yes, hope is important

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