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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Mold the image that’s been sold to the highest bidders
Told a story icy cold from the cashed up winners
Rolled once again, same new old soul destroying tactics
Bold words spit forth from footholds so deep in concrete
Worlds collide, a string of pearls to shoot and kill for
Swallow my pride, the king awaits his loot and bills more
Into this night he spreads misery through hell’s doors
Pitiful plight, he’s dead and so hungry and red raw
Never did fight back, head so weary, drew short straws
Nothing left intact, said he’s sorry on the floor

It’s all laid out on a smorgasbord
They’re all paid to stab him with a sword
Demons slain to catch him out of place
Constant pain shall match his sorry face

See the wreckage brought about by idle hands sinning
The full damage was apparent from the beginning
Dump the baggage holding you back from full potential
It’s the package straight from the heart that shines real crucial
You make amends when you stop pretending it’s OK
To build a fence when you’re interacting at coal face
Things may get tense if you don’t change your wicked ways
Body for rent as you get caught up in a blaze
Still quite incensed, as much as you’ve been for six days
Time to relent, stop running around in that maze

Don't bow down to the dark overlord
He's got you tripping over cords
Mental patient mentality
Is your mind's new discovery

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