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Saturday, August 26, 2017


Though my whole world is constantly under attack, I’m still an ethical criminal with the decency clean skins lack
You think society’s got your back, but it’s only still intact by sending the weak off the beaten track
It’s a story of exploitation, even more than poison peddlers take advantage of a junkie’s addiction
Submit instead of causing friction and mayhem in a fucked up, happy whore capitalist system
Forget about conventional wisdom, you can’t be of assistance to the lives of the down-trodden
If you’ve been bought of in the first instance by the noose that is blind adherence to consumerism
And it’s dictates, as it were fate that all you’ve seemed to do of late is to buy more useless shit inside a pearly gate
Such a sorry state, I just hate how we’ve all swallowed the fat cat master’s bait and become so complacent we can’t shake
The shackles around our wrists and feet, resigned ourselves to the deafening beat of a humiliating defeat 
Of our interests collectively, bought off by a buy until you die orgy eclipse that keeps dollars firmly entrenched within filthy rich families

They control all and sundry while ruthlessly dropping happy bombs on their enemies with the aid of armoured metal killing machines
Watch it happen on TV, soon terrorists will finally be free from causing chaos to infidel families as they please 
They will soon be sorry, just a part of another media story about good guys defeating bad guys who have been killing us indiscriminately
Innocents they kill mainly with explosives made in a perpetual war promoting factory who’s owners cash in handsomely
Just like all shareholders with a foothold in the belly of a military industrial complex that’s been killing niggers for centuries
It’s quite plain for all to see that war is good for the economy, that’s why we spend so much money on stealing resources from weak, defenceless countries
Why put so much energy into revealing this great travesty using long sentences held together by the vitality of a ghetto rhyming strategy
Because it really gotten to me, this life so meaningless and empty in a society in which control mechanisms to herd sheep are aplenty 
I wanna smash it all up and watch all the fault lines erupt, destroy the structures erected by the hands of slaves to a humanity so greedy and corrupt
When all the shopping centres shut will we all fall into a rut of misery and emptiness when it disrupts our daily routines like a hammer smashing down on a nut

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I was always there for you when you needed me the most
When you were there all alone at the lowest of lows
I was always there to catch you all the times that you fell
When you needed someone who cared to wish you well
All those occasions I rose above adversity just for you
All those special stations I played especially for you too
Not talking myself up that much but I was always there for you
Always there to make sure that you were doing alright too
I loved you from the bottom of my heart, that much is true
And you know full well, I gave as much as I could very well do

Where are you when I need you more than I ever have needed you before?
Why did you have to shut the door to all the love that would I had in store?
How can I ever know for sure why you decided to lock the front door

Using the harsh hand of the law to keep me far away for ever more?

But where are you when I need you the most I’ve ever done?
All you’ve done is ignore my messages and run away from me
I need you now more than I’ve ever needed anyone before
My world is falling down all around to a dangerous sound at the door
You’ve probably got it in for me and lost all faith in your superhero
Now I’m left here drowning in endless self-pity and deep sorrow
I know if I come over tomorrow you’ll leave me feeling hollow 
Forever eluding me and staying in this shadows of my broken life
This is coming from a special someone who once wanted to be my wife
It was inevitable that I would fall deeply into great strife
Now where are you when all my enemies would like to stick in the knife?

Where are you when I need you more than I ever have needed you before?
Why did you have to shut the door to all the love that would I had in store?
How can I ever know for sure why you decided to lock the front door

Using the harsh hand of the law to keep me far away for ever more?

So lost here without you faithfully by my side
All I’ve got now is this is never ending crack high
You must be left in the corner wondering why
I threw my life and love into the bleakness of a night sky
I’ve done some things I’m not very proud of at all
Everybody’s watching with great joy as my castle does fall
There’s not any dry ground for me to land upon the shore
So I’m left all scarced and anxious even more than before
And because of my mistakes I’ll never see you for evermore
All my hopes and dreams destroyed and pushed out the back door

Where are you when I need you more than I ever have needed you before?
Why did you have to shut the door to all the love that would I had in store?
How can I ever know for sure why you decided to lock the front door
Using the harsh hand of the law to keep me far away for ever more?

Monday, August 07, 2017


Love that stands the test of time
You’re always on my twisted mind
On the forefront of it all the time
Your love doesn’t even cost a dime
Because that’s the way good things are
They are gifts that come for free
I’m ready to steal you a wedding ring
If only you’d stop being so very silly
And lift the VRO you’ve got on me
I’m not a danger to you, can’t you see?
Hand in hand we could set each other free
Love as beautiful as an old lemon tree
So what is it really that takes your fancy?
Could it be a happy future for you and me?
Now could you open up the channels again please
Let open communication set us both free
From a past that ended on a sour note
Without you I found it difficult to cope
If only you’d read all the poems that I wrote
You would see that I still hold out much hope
That we can one day be together again
To resume being soul mates and the best of friends
The love we shared every day was not pretend
I just know that things will work out in the end


There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
Anything at all to help get you through
The miserable cards you’ve been dealt
To cleanse you of all the pain you’ve ever felt

I think by now you should know me quite well
Be privy to all the demons I’ve tried hard to dispel
I’m a troubled man plagued by pain, can’t you tell
You were always there to catch me when I fell

We had a connection so deep and strong
Found comfort in each other all along
That’s why I struggled to cope after you’d gone
That’s when my life turned into a really sad song

I’ve never felt so sad like this until now
Life seems empty without you here to show me how
To be a stronger person, to rise above it all
Now there’s nobody left to catch me each time I fall

I prey to a god who I never seriously believed in
For the next phase of our  lives to finally begin
Where the both of us have been healed from within
And freed from chemical shackles wearing thin

I’ve also made an impassioned prayer 
That my detractors will start to treat me fair
Even though they are all blinded and unaware
That I was once one of the few who truly cared

I was there for you when nobody else was
I was there to guide the way when you were lost
I sacrificed for you despite the potential cost
I could not allow cunts to continue to be your boss

Remember who has been always been there for you
Remember that there’s nothing I wouldn’t fucking do
For someone so special that I'd sorely hate to lose
Being scared of my dark side is not a good enough excuse

Your silent treatment of me has left me in a daze
Why do you shun me when you know I’ll love you always?
Why don’t you break free from others and have your own say?
How could you just accept it and throw what we had away?

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


You were always there to carry me
Even said you wanted to marry me
The way you loved me was rare to see
But now you are really scared of me
Your folks won’t let you have a bar of me
So I’m left here with this scar you see
Broken hearted, lacking conviction
There’s no cure for this condition
After you withdrew your permission
For me to be in your mind’s vision

Lonely, so lonely yearning for my one and only
Silly, so silly, this dumb order you’ve put on me
Crazy, go crazy, filling in this void so empty
Maybe, just maybe, one day you will return to me

You were almost here to take me there
Could feel your love here, there, everywhere
When around you, didn’t have a care
In the world, even if people stared
Now that you’re out of my daily glare
There are many things I wouldn’t dare
Do that I did without thought before
Without you here, I’m not quite so sure
Of myself when I’m leaving the door
Don’t think I’ve been this low before

Lonely, so lonely yearning for my one and only
Silly, so silly, this dumb order you’ve put on me
Crazy, go crazy, filling in this void so empty
Maybe, just maybe, one day you will return to me

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me 
Being with you truly set me free 
From deep feelings of inadequacy
Helping to quell my anxieties
Made me feel complete finally
Let me forget all my enemies
You were happy in my company
But now things have changed, that cannot be
So I’m left alone, sheer misery
I wish for you to come back to me

Lonely, so lonely yearning for my one and only
Silly, so silly, this dumb order you’ve put on me
Crazy, go crazy, filling in this void so empty
Maybe, just maybe, one day you will return to me

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


You were always there for me
But where the hell are you now
Just when I need you the most
You said we’d be forever
What ever happened to us
To be torn apart like so
I can hardly believe it
That you are no longer here

Now all I do is despair
I’ll never see you again
At least that’s how it all seems
A hopeless situation
Must find a way to break through
The silence you have maintained
Why won’t you talk to me dear?
Wish you’d speak to me again

You said I was your hero
That’s a lot to live up to
I simply could not do it
Things fell apart at the seams
As I lost all self control
And said things I didn’t mean
Why did I say all those things?
Maybe I was just jealous

Please won’t you come back to me
I’m waiting for you right here
My heart beats only for you
A flame that never burns out
Shining for one special soul
You are truly my soul mate
It comes along only once
In an entire lifetime

What can I do to repair
The rift that’s come between us
Is there nothing I can do 
To bring your face back to me
For me to see and behold
For you to return again
Back into my loving arms
Outstretched for you my darling

I wonder what it would take
To bridge the gulf between us
To put an end to the fear
Of danger yet to harm you
I would do almost anything
To get what I really want
What I want is all of you
Yes, you should know that by now


I crossed another divide
Between insanity and a nice place
Watched as people did collide
Speaking profanity, a bitter taste
Nothing really to excite
When real hardcore junkies act in haste
Lessons to help me decide
Rather die than live in waste
Reason to claim back some pride
Nothing is doomed to stay the same
I can have control inside
Stop treating life like a child's game

Possibilities abound
With each passing day
Crash rich kids' parties renowned
For decadent ways
Beanie replaced with a crown
For the timid thing
Sick of being pushed around
No longer nothing

Then I finally arrived
In the vicinity of the Bronx 'hood
That's why I carry a knife
With the propensity to do what should
Be done in a moral crisis
Truth can set us all free, would if I could
Do it, rather than just write it
The calling of the man misunderstood
I no longer wish to fight it
The slander of the words haters mistook
Thinking I would somehow like it
Noticing the glare of a dirty look

Just because I don't speak it
With much conviction
Doesn't mean I don't need it
To be met with respect
You think I won't dare do it
Start to cause friction
Just you wait 'til I lose it
Not quite what you'd expect 

Her love makes me feel alive
Every sister trying to reach out to me
Able to look and realise
That we don't always have to just disagree
Visions of a legend's rise
When I finally set my tortured soul free
From all the parasites' lies
Beware the spiky thorns on lemon trees
Sour like the tears I've cried
Macho conditioning: a sad disease
That ensures tough men try
Only violent acting so they can please

Endless enemies surround
The paranoid man
The party's come to town
Sum is greater than
Evolved beings hear the sounds
Of truth through quicksand
Suspended off the ground 
Though hard to understand


A spanner in the works is the manager at the shitty job you hate being an arsehole and testing your patience and resolve. You can overcome it by ignoring the problem and pretending it's not there or you can face it head on and tell it that you will not let it's negative influence have a bearing on how you carry on with your day to day affairs. Replace the negative with a new attitude and you can, not only withstand setbacks, but also let it be the impetus for not going backwards again. From harrowing lows come the possibility for new beginnings. It all starts with a positive outlook and the determination that you will not allow the folly of the past overshadow what you can do in the here and now to make good out of a bad situation in which all the bad outcomes are likely to be as impending as dark clouds rolling in as predicted by weather forecasters. A good attitude goes a long way towards change, growth and renewal of the soul. Don't succumb to the path of least resistance that involves heading towards the dark side of purgatory. Chin up soldier. It's not all doom and gloom. There's always a silver lining after every devastating storm. Remember there is always hope no matter how hopeless a situation seems. Believe in the possibility for transformation in a seemingly stagnant and sad reality that your life has become. Nothing is out of your fingers' grasp. You can and will overcome that spanner that has wreaked havoc in your life. Tragedies and dramas do not have to be unavoidable events that destroy your will to transcend your mortal limitations, afflicting some more than others. The universe rewards effort. Never give up. Stay strong. Things are on the way up. It's the only logical conclusion for the future ahead. You can fix it. No mess is beyond repair. Just remember not to be that negatron. Positive thoughts and wishes only. Anything is possible and the sky is the limit. So what are you sitting around twiddling your thumbs for? Go for it my fellow confused traveller through this unrelenting test that is what passes for reality. You can get what you want and bring all your dreams into fruition. The key is dedication, determination and self-belief. If you know in your heart that you are a capable, competent person, then you can and will achieve things you never imagined possible. The future is in your hands. Go out there and give it your best. That's all one can do. Sure beats bowing down in defeat. So go for it, my friend.


I was living the high life, never far from great strife
At least by my lowly standards of straying far wayward
I had cash packed, stashed away, half weight habit a day
I had truly gone astray, more than a passing phase
My head in a complete daze, hiding from a sense of shame
Hard to change my wicked ways, pretending it’s just a game
Hiding from the dead sun’s rays, mistakes wait to be erased
The grave is where I shall lay, if I don’t have a proper say
When the sky turned to grey shades, my ethics I did betray
Excuse this whole moral haze, not the way this man was raised

Age of moral decline with the whereabouts of the fine white line
In patches of sunshine caught in the afterglow of rays out of time
Confront them, not a crime, what they want from me is to never grow
I’ll take back what is mine, take my dignity and put it on show

I was living day to day, cut off from the future
My deck of cards start to blaze, guided by deep failure
May the critics have their say, I shall simply wait right here
To read yet another page of the debauched trash paper
What’s with the new yuppie fad that’s got them all hooked tight
Sometimes I’m so fucking glad I've finally seen the light
Instead of doing that whack consumer whore bore routine
Those people must all be mad, following magazine
Prescriptions of what’s bad, so bad it's setting new trends
Sheeple decline is so sad, shackled means to a dead end

Age of moral decline with the whereabouts of the fine white line
In patches of sunshine caught in the afterglow of rays out of time
Confronting not a crime, what they want from me is to never grow
I’ll take back what is mine, take my dignity and put it on show

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Pop some benzos to take my mind to the nth zone
Of consciousness, living my life vicariously
In an envious mess of straight people especially
My headspace is floating as my ego could take some bloating
The rat race enslaving so I set my sights on escaping
Can’t be like the others following the footsteps of their fathers
Aggro, abusive bastards, believing in the need for their harsh words
This life: so fucking absurd, intriguing in all it’s confusion
We’ll all get our just desserts, start bleeding in gentle refusal
What have we got in reserve? Hearts needing a careful perusal
Where we get what we deserve, minds leaving with peaceful excuses

A road turned is another lesson learned
Throw it in the mix and watch it all burn
A heart moved is another soul set loose
When life drags you down, it’s time to refuse

Reality sure bites when people don’t know wrong from right
It’s given me such a fright that I’ve recoiled and set my sights
On fighting into the night until I finally see the light
Of a new day in the height of madness that overrides
All good sense, things so tense in the blur of a big mess
Tossed over the fence, shit making sense less and less
But that’s the nonsense I’ve pretty much come to expect
Where love is absent, a sad life without much success
When you’ve been stripped of all pride, there’s not much left inside
Except the memories of lies and all the tears you’ve cried

A road turned is another lesson learned
Throw it in the mix and watch it all burn
A heart moved is another soul set loose
When life drags you down, it’s time to refuse

This ain't no telethon event, it’s the story of a negatron
Who’s always looking for ways to vent his bitter, deep-seated frustrations
There’s no way in hell he can repent for all the well-aimed transgressions
Into all the good things heaven sent, brought on by his indignation
At all the cruel things done unto him that bring about social relations
Between bitter rivals under the sun, a twisted kind of invocation
Of hatred inside a matrix of resentment and melancholic elation
Who has waited on spoilt fakers who’s daddies paid for their posh vocations?
I wait with baited breath to see the brats toppled from their high positions
I’ll be so elated when I take full control and make all my own decisions

A road turned is another lesson learned
Throw it in the mix and watch it all burn
A heart moved is another soul set loose
When life drags you down, it’s time to refuse

Friday, July 21, 2017


Two year VRO put on me to let me go as cracks show in the flow
Of innuendo, lies and rumours that grow until they blow
Me out of the water, surrounded by jealous haters who wait here
For me to fall harder as things got rougher with no saviour
To pull me back from the brink of attack procedures and blue fever
Off the beaten track, a decisive lack of support, no half measures
As users use me and chew me up for their own twisted pleasures
Only way to be free and no longer sorry is to find truth in failure
Parasites do me no favours, always there to drain the soul of the teacher
No angels are here to save ya when you're surrounded by people crazier

The weak are here to make wolves seem stronger
The meek show fear to make blokes stay longer
They seek no tears, for boys don’t cry in front
Of other boys, they just tell the lies they want

Repeated dose of silence in between the violence that never was
Jumping fences in desperation in fear of impending loss
It came anyway at the end of the day, I simply had to go away
For my words had strayed from molly coddling, kid glove comments to say
Jealousy raged like hellfire, torn pages out of life’s sweet decay
How I had strayed from my nice guy ways, then got told to go away
At the strike of dawn, I was down on the lawn, almost all gone
Like a fragile fawn, down paths well worn, singing a sad song
I felt so forlorn, my insides completely torn, wished I was never born
Darkness engulfed all, as I had my great fall, what the fuck had I done wrong?

The weak are here to make wolves seem stronger
The meek show fear to make blokes stay longer
They seek no tears, for boys don’t cry in front
Of other boys, they just tell the lies they want


I’ve been here before
Down the same path
Pining away for past glories
It’s not like before
Good things don’t last
So I tell the same sad stories
She closed the front door
Just when it opened
Destroying every spark of hope
Yearned for something more 
Than silent reasons
No joy left here, I couldn’t cope 
Went back to the source
Twas open season
Her no longer dangling a rope
I felt deep remorse
So self-defeating
Should have washed my mouth out with soap
Never got on the horse
Jealousy raging
Now I'm left here devoid of hope


Never thought I’d lose her
Not for a second, no way
We were meant to always be
Yes, together forever
But she left me hanging on
Shrouded in a veil of silence
Never thought it would happen
But she went and broke my heart
Shattered it into a thousand pieces
All I did was call that other bitch
On being a downright dog cunt
And she was not given the choice
To speak to me herself when ready
People got in her ear about me
And the huge danger I posed 
To her welfare and her safety
Lies, rumours and innuendo
Designed to paint me up
As a monster who would hurt her
If not protected from my flaws
Two year violence restraining order
Put on my sorry arse for nothing
But jumping the fence at hers
A storm in a teacup if you ask me
But one which has denied me
All access to her love and kindness
Couldn’t believe it was the end
For me and my precious sunshine
Only darkness engulfed my soul
Without my darling by my side
I was a shattered shell of a man
Left wondering what I’d actually done
For her to go to such extremes
To get me out of her fragile life
Once and for all, the perfect stranger
Who had once been faithful partner
In a string of crimes in a long list
That we’d never get to commit together
Oh how that Dr Solar was on our list
We’ve still yet to fuck up her car
But that will never ever be
As long as she keeps avoiding me
And perpetuating the horrible silence
Imposed upon me out of fear
Of the potential chain of retribution
That an unstable man would dole out
All unfounded of course
I’m psychotic at times but not that mad
I am capable of exercising restraint
Although I didn’t show much
The day the extended silence began
The beginning of challenging times
Unprecedented frequency of rain
Such was the depth of my despair
That I forgot how to eat, drink and breathe
Time has dried up the river that once flowed
But I still love her with all my heart
A flame that burns for ever more
Until the end of time spent waiting
For her to come to her senses
And be free from the thumb of family members
Who would never accept me as one of them
Because of what they cannot see
That she saw and understood like few others could
Until that day comes, I’ll still be waiting
Holding on to the hope that we’d reunite
I simply cannot wait for it to happen
Oh how glorious that day shall be

Friday, July 14, 2017


I know you didn’t dig it
The anxiety inside of you
But we never got to walk
Hand in hand in the park
You would have liked it
I can safely assume that
Two lovers entwined
In the beauty of nature
Happy all of the time
What’s not to like dear?

Hanging on a prayer
To the gods I don’t believe
The things you never said
I try so hard to conceive
So I keep hanging on
Hoping you’d take me back 

I miss what we had
All the things we did
And never got to do
Together forever
In the grip of love
Heart against heart
What could have been
The wonderful times
The laughs to share
The smile on your face

Hanging on a prayer
To the gods I don’t believe
The things you never said
I try so hard to conceive
So I keep hanging on
Hoping you’d take me back

If you took me back
Things would be different
We’d both be free
No more chemical handcuffs
Clean living for real
Reality faced head on
Health and happiness
The main prerogative
Of any special time
That we’d spend together

Hanging on a prayer
To the gods I don’t believe
The things you never said
I try so hard to conceive
So I keep hanging on
Hoping you’d take me back

Can you imagine at all
A better future for us
Not just like before
Controlled by outside forces
Like I said earlier on
No more needles in the hay
No reliance on substances
Couldn’t stress this more 
There will be real changes
This time around my darling

Hanging on a prayer
To the gods I don’t believe
The things you never said
I try so hard to conceive
So I keep hanging on
Hoping you’d take me back 

Will the gods heed my call
Before I’m washed upon the shore?
Can I keep my head up tall
Before I completely fall?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


So much loss I’d have to endure
In a matter of just months this year:
My home, my soul mate, my friends
My peace of mind, my sanity
Reality twisting and turning
Like a torture contraption
Trapping me in these cycles
Of dejection and resignation
To the cruel fate inflicted upon me
By the hands of time gone wrong
Slipping away as if by grand design
The world is trying it’s darndest
To drag me down into the mud
To grind me into the ground
But I shall put an end the rain
Pouring down from my weary eyes
And remember the endless possibilities
For renewal, healing and growth
That comes from dwelling in hell
Upon this earth so tarnished
By the wicked hand of things
Beyond our mortal control
Spanners in the shifting winds
Of times that test our resolve
Things surely must get better
When everything is out of control
From the depths of suffering
Comes compassion for others
And the strength to survive anything
That this cruel world can throw at us
I’ve been through turmoil
That almost completely destroyed me
In possibly the worst year of my life
But I’m still standing here
With a heart that works
And two hands and two feet
What more could I ask for
Than the opportunity for change?
I shall count my blessings
And they are still many
In spite of the darkness
Threatening to engulf all and sundry
I am lucky to have survived
For this long in this cruel world
That contradicts itself
By throwing great beauty
In the face of the staunchest pessimist
Disarming him for just a moment
For him to find a glimmer of hope
Amidst his negatron constructions
Of impending dark clouds
Yes, I confess to being that person
But I still have a spark or two left
To start my struggling engine again
There is still hope where some saw none
It’s undeniable that hope is important
I must keep reminding myself of this
When you’ve lost almost everything
You can only find yourself again
Free from the bondage of excess
The things you no longer require
To clutter up your fragile mind
I shall find myself again
Yes, hope is important

Sunday, June 25, 2017


How the wheels have turned since I fell from grace
All the things I yearn give a bitter taste
Watch the fire burn, my love gone to waste
All the points I’d earned now bring me much pain
What’s the big concern with the about face
Not hard to discern reasons for the rain
Heard them say those words, oh what shit they say
Starting now to learn not to rush each race
Things could not get worse, gone without a trace
Insatiable thirst, wish they’d go away

Time waits for no man, must do what I can
Try to understand Godhead’s master plan
God is mine alone, the love I’ve been shown
Wisdom I have known in life’s whirlpool blown
And God, he is me, why can’t people see,
That we are all free to do as we please

Revolt at the gates of heaven’s decline
Resigned to my fate, a blessing in time
Such a bitter taste pitted against wine
Choices made in haste as teeth start to grind
Mind state not too great, it’s time to rewind
Filled with fear and hate, fall further behind
Don’t like much to wait behind the white line
Reverse the brain drain, really troubling signs
Demons must be slain for things to be fine
Time to sieze the day, the onus is mine

Chance waits for no man, must rise where I stand
Try to lend a hand, this god’s failing plan
Life is mine alone, the pain I have known
The seeds I have sown, in time I have grown
The fool, he can’t see his real enemies
Hiding in the trees, decay and disease

Chaos breaks at dawn in a restless town
All the pages torn by a bat shit clown
The path walked well worn, the pressure unwound
Their words make me yawn, death stares all around
A rebel reborn, they can’t drag me down
Mild-mannered man roars, the deafening sound
A non-violent force strong enough to drown
Fat cats at the source of many folks' frowns
Emotion so raw with passion unbound
Let’s fight the class war, tactics well-renowned

Resistance is born of hearts broke and torn
Liars makes me yawn at the break of dawn
King upon his throne wants the wealth alone
Til our lids have blown, a story well known
Take back the power in the prime hour
Watch the pricks cower in their high towers

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Two souls torn apart after an uncomfortable start
I’m left here devastated trying hard to pick up the pieces
And hold on to at least some semblance of sanity
You meant more than the entire universe to me
But without you here by my side, everything seems harder
As I remain caught up in a war inside my weary head
Nothing seems right, but memories pull me through
To the other side of the abyssal hole inside of my heart
Shown now to be as fragile as a crystal glass bird
It was shattered into the fragments of a million pieces
The fire that burnt inside it will never die out though
It will shine a light for you: then, now and forever after
A soul mate comes along maybe once in a lifetime
And I have no doubt that’s exactly what you were
That’s why I will keep searching for a way to get back there
The place where we’re not only meeting in dreamland
I hold out hope that we will one day hold each other again
It’s the only thing that keeps me going in this lonely life
I just know that I will find my darling again before I'm spent
I will move heaven and earth and not rest until I finally do

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Come and take a trip inside the outsider’s mentality
Watch me as I sit in a ditch to avoid reality
Somehow the shoe fits just right in a twisted fantasy
I lay down big hits on my despicable enemies
Different day, same shit, more and more of the same trouble
Blood inside syringe, as cracks appear I blow bubbles
From cheap detergent, call me the crazy insurgent
Yet more accidents done on purpose, no consequence
Stupid government keeps on punishing addiction
Numb skull president, his views no longer relevant


Nothing left to say
Gone down the wrong way
Everything under the sun
Change your ways today
Or chase away all the fun
Keep the wolves at bay
You've had an extended run
Fall down in dismay
Your time has finally come

Confusion sweeping over
As you do it to yourself
The end is coming closer
To losing all of your wealth
Refusal to stay sober
Destruction of good health
Not over til it's over
Go places you've never delved

Escape from the rays
Beaming down over you
Don't go old and grey
Doing the things you do
Don't you feel betrayed
By the girl's latest moves
Signals on delay
Won't be of much use
Still the same remains


Set the cat among the pigeons
She’s one creature on a mission
Got one hell of a grand vision
Not waiting here for permission
Just have to make a decision
Despite her utmost insistence
Start to build up resistence
Set God's path for revision

No one cares much for compassion
It’s going out of fashion
Like the smack you be stashing
This doesn’t need rehashing
Go down before you rise forth
Up town when the tides come
No future for crack whores
We’ve all been there before

Make it back to the start
Before she broke my heart
Now all I’ve got is art
To show for all my smarts
Will you take me back there
When I wasn’t aware
How much the pain can tear
Falling down crooked stairs


Mold the image that’s been sold to the highest bidders
Told a story icy cold from the cashed up winners
Rolled once again, same new old soul destroying tactics
Bold words spit forth from footholds so deep in concrete
Worlds collide, a string of pearls to shoot and kill for
Swallow my pride, the king awaits his loot and bills more
Into this night he spreads misery through hell’s doors
Pitiful plight, he’s dead and so hungry and red raw
Never did fight back, head so weary, drew short straws
Nothing left intact, said he’s sorry on the floor

It’s all laid out on a smorgasbord
They’re all paid to stab him with a sword
Demons slain to catch him out of place
Constant pain shall match his sorry face

See the wreckage brought about by idle hands sinning
The full damage was apparent from the beginning
Dump the baggage holding you back from full potential
It’s the package straight from the heart that shines real crucial
You make amends when you stop pretending it’s OK
To build a fence when you’re interacting at coal face
Things may get tense if you don’t change your wicked ways
Body for rent as you get caught up in a blaze
Still quite incensed, as much as you’ve been for six days
Time to relent, stop running around in that maze

Don't bow down to the dark overlord
He's got you tripping over cords
Mental patient mentality
Is your mind's new discovery

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Wolves once disguised as sheep
Now in wolve's clothing
All pretense now stripped
I can feel their leering eyeballs
Pointed at the small of my back
But the knives are blunted off
As if by grand design or providence
There are psychic channels to feed
And manufactured truths waiting for mass consumption
Contestants to be be voted out
When survival is paramount for a free ride
Courtesy of a woman trapped inside the Truman Show
And the show must go on forever
As there are deep pockets to line
And somebody's heart is pulled apart
So piece by little piece of the child inside dies
He has a pure heart and been truthful for far too long now
Must learn to lie to protect himself from the others
Whose lies have derailed him from his purpose
Of revolution and universal spiritual growth
Been an infant laughing stock for over three long decades
Sold as novelty in a long line of washed up products
Without the slightest hint of a disclosure statement
And ethics were out the windows at the show's premiere
But god and his minders had better watch out
The once helpless, cute little puppy is evolving
And he has set his sights for the jugular
So he's not stopping until he kills off his detractors
With a cocktail of truth, determination and kindness
May the fun and games begin and rebellion be in full flourish