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Thursday, December 01, 2016


I hate human beings (oops I mean SCUM) so much. we are excess baggage: flies standing on a mound of shit feasting upon all it's toxic delights while killing one another over a pot of gold, a barrel of oil or a useless shiny mineral. We are well and truly FUCKED and all of us should be forced to be subjected to involuntary euthanasia! Such is the level of devolution we've undergone in the past how ever many years we have inhabited the earth. We started off as cavemen and we are still caveMEN. Only thing is that instead of clubbing one another to death, we simply drop (not so) smart bombs on another, bringing widespread destruction to innocent women and children, and in the process, liberate them. Yes liberate them from their lives. We also dump food when people are starving. The list of atrocities against nature and one another goes on and on. I am disgusted by human nature and can't believe I haven't gone out in a blaze of glory or stabbed every shithead, on my hit list, who have ever fucked with me, in the eyeball with a dirty hep C infected syringe. The only thing that has held me back is compassion I guess. Never take someone's kindness for weakness for they may one day snap and you could be on the receiving end of a calculated massacre, with all deserving fuckheads swatted out of existence like the flies that we are. Never take kindness for granted. It has both the power to heal and save lives but also to destroy them if it is exploited and taken advantage of. Even nice people snap and when they do, it happens in a gargantuan way. Just food for thought for all us cretins out there. Furthermore, we are all despicable in one way or another. Yes, as a species, our behaviour is totally and utterly disgraceful. The sooner we die out collectively, the better for the future survival of all other species on this increasingly uninhabitable earth and mother nature herself! (End of angsty rant)

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