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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hey there girl with the cool tattoos and cricket obsession
I've never met anyone else quite like you in all my life
And I mean that in a good way, with the utmost of sincerity
Your kind heart warms my heart like a beautiful bonfire
And your beautiful words make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
You made many promises to me that took my breath away
As you offered much more than I feel I deserve to have
You told me that I was the miracle that came into your life
Just when you thought you'd be alone for the rest of your life
Surrounded only by cats and memories of relationships gone wrong
Well, there's something you should know about miracles
While I was saving you from your past, you were busy saving me too
I wouldn't have the will to carry on if not for you in my life
Without you my life would be so lonely and oh so empty
You mean more to me than the moon and the stars and the sun
If I had the strength, I would move mountains for you
If it meant that you would be happy and free to do as you please
You are my ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak existence
You light up the night when darkness engulfs all and sundry
The spark of hope I've been searching for to make me feel alive
The most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me
I don't care that you're going to win a medal for laziness
In fact, I think it's cute that someone could put so much effort
into not making much of an effort to move much at all
If I had gold medals to give away, I'd give you one for kindness
It needs repeating because that's one of the best things about you
That you care enough to give me the things I need when I'm down and out
But what you've given me cannot have a price put on it
Much more than I can do justice to with just some mere words
You said you couldn't give me the world or the sky
But you've given me both in ways I never could have imagined
Just by being there for me, you saved a life that was going nowhere fast
There would be not have been a world or sky in my reality any longer
If not for you appearing in my life just when you did
It was on Christmas day that we first laid eyes upon on another
And even then I could tell you were different, stood out from the rest
More decent, more honest, more caring and more beautiful inside and out
I cannot even to begin to express in words all your positive traits
Please don't go changing for anyone because you're perfect as you are
If I was God and had crazy powers, I still wouldn't touch a hair on your head
You are well and truly the best thing that has ever happened to me
And I will never do anything to hurt you, that is my promise back
You will hold a special place in my heart for all of eternity 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Do you ever think we were meant to be?
Do you believe we are both what the other needs?
It feels so special, like you were sent to me
To save a life that wasn’t worth living indeed
Your loving nature and kindness sets me free
Doesn’t it feel good now you’ve had a good feed
Of the positive vibes between you and me
You shall keep on reaping for sowing indestructible seeds
For i shall always be there to shelter you from extreme heat
Don’t even care if i get all cramped up in my feat
Most people I get wrong when I try to read them
They all fail to treat me the way I try to treat them
With common decency and a fair degree of kindness
It seems I’m plagued with a naive kind of blindness
You're the same and give arseholes too many chances
That’s when truth get pissed on and bullshit dances
But we do nothing because we’re both too passive
No wonder we always feel like giving humans hateful glances
When we snap, the death toll will be shockingly massive
That much I can pretty much damn well guarantee
If unscrupulous lowlifes keeping on fucking with you and me
Even nice people can snap when it’s not funny anymore
That’s when all compassion goes out the door
We’ve both had dark thoughts, been there before
The state where you can’t trust anyone or be sure
If you’ve got a single friend in the world at all
But together we shall find our way upon the shore
It’s not the time to hide indoors behind dark walls
It’s high time we both stood up so fucking tall
With one another’s support we shall never fall
We could leave for dreamland in mutual disgust
And never come back to this cruel world ever again
That way we can never betray each other’s trust
And while it’s true we’ll fight every now and then
Nothing can tear us apart, not even stupid drugs
For these intense feelings can't be swept under the rug
Like they had been by silly little me for far too long
Before i stopped singing the spineless coward’s song
Meeting you have helped me to stand up strong
Made me no longer want to be dead and gone
Your kindness and compassion has really made a difference
That’s why I believe we never met by accident
It was all because of a so called “terrorist” incident
Involving knives and the pent up frustrations of a dissident
No longer content to just accept abuse and not fight back
You are always there for me when I’m under attack
Your honesty and decency helps to restore my faith
In a humanity I have now really come to hate
You are my confidant and guardian angel from above
You still have love in your once shattered heart
Even though you life’s been extremely sad and tough
I knew that you were different from the very start
You may not think it but you are really talented and smart
With supersonic hearing you could break things apart
Be two steps ahead to fire in but one poisoned dart
Just like the stealthy ninja you have now come to be
I thank you wholeheartedly for always listening to me
You saved a life not worth saving, quite some feat
Because of you I shall never bow down again in defeat
I’m so glad we both made it through our darkest of periods
I don’t care if you’re a bit crazy, to be serious
I’m quite the nutter myself sometimes, to be honest
I can’t wait for Wednesday, the start of the season of harvest
We can finally forget about other people's bullshit and the rest
Seeing each other all the time will simply be best!

Saturday, October 08, 2016


You came into my life just when I needed it, now my love for you has reached fever pitch
You never took advantage of my bleeding heart, instead you healed it and kept on feeding it
With mountains full of love and compassion, when decency was truly going out of fashion
In a world of deceit and inflamed passion, full of arseholes whose teeth deserved a smashin’
Your honesty and decency did it for me, and your generosity and kindness set me free
From the sea of hurt that was eating me up and all the anger and dirt about to fucking erupt
You told me that I me gave you a reason to live, well you should know that you are the best gift
That I never thought I’d be ever blessed with, now every time I think of you I’m filled with bliss
I wouldn’t be able to do this, wouldn’t even exist, if it wasn’t for you my oh so special little miss
That’s why I’m so glad that I finally took a risk and made my feelings transparent like a clearing mist

You were saving my life just as I was saving you
Keeping me out of strife by doing the things you do
You took away the knife that was about to kill me
Gave me a new lease on life, your love for me sets me free

I’ve know you’ve heard it all many times before but I’m gonna end the war, make damn well sure
That nobody ever fucks with you anymore, I’ll knock down some walls, help you settle the score
Chase all your fears and demons out the door, so take my hand, what are you waiting for?
Together we could so fucking happy for evermore, big things always grow from something small, 
All we’ve both got to do is to stand up tall, stop chasing our own sorry tails down haunted halls
Even when you’ve had more than enough of it all, I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall
Be the wind underneath your wings, I’ll stop at absolutely nothing until you are well and truly happy
Won’t wait for the fat lady to sing or for the school bell to ring, before I fuck with the authorities
I’ll be right in the thick of things, out there creating something that will make all the cretins sorry
For fucking with my darling, they’ll all get what’s coming to them, they’ll be running, don’t you worry

You were saving my life just as I was saving you
Keeping me out of strife by doing the things you do
You took away the knife that was about to kill me
Gave me a new lease on life, your love for me sets me free

I’ve never met another person like you, you make my heart go so stir crazy, I don’t know what to do
You are well and truly one of a few, I don’t care that you are really lazy, tell me something new
You impressed me with your inner muse, such beauty when my head is hazy, put words to good use
My fear of rejection was no good excuse for not expressing my feelings clearly, nothing left to lose
Glad you fit the shoe when I finally took the risk to tell you how I felt about you my special little miss
I’m a fool for you, glad you’re now aware of this, though it took a while, our first kiss was pure bliss
When you are free from those psychiatric chains, we’ll lay down the hits, make the fuckers desist
From making every single day rain, that this love between us exists is well and truly the stuff of magic
Though both our stories have been tragic, we need to be emphatic that we’ll make a real fist of it
You were right when you said it, we both have so much love invested, every act of kindness has fed it 

You were saving my life just as I was saving you
Keeping me out of strife by doing the things you do
You took away the knife that was about to kill me
Gave me a new lease on life, your love for me sets me free