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Friday, May 13, 2016


No limits whatsoever, pay a visit to the desert inside my desolate mind
In the closet, many skeletons, time to stop it: wasting away the passing time
Hip pocket full of five cent coins, so watch it when you play with your toys
Mini rocket explodes full of joy, can’t top it, euphoria strong like an alloy
But it’s an illusion, a jilted vision of a man committing theft and treason
In collusion with an unnamed person running out of time and reasons
The pollution inside the forest cabin, confronting the change of seasons
A conclusion derived from facin’ the truth of my hardcore, relentless fiendin’
Unrepentant repetition of an unholy alliance, a junkie’s defiant vision
The runner with holes in his shoes, beholden to the hunger I’ve been feedin’

Ice caps melting on the precipice, a convoluted map laying out all the evidence
A dalliance that is far too dangerous, the intense, silent loss of common sense
Climbing like a juvenile over a fence, run a mile, all the while feeling tense
Not enough coinage to pay the rent, despite free passage and the best of intent
Too late to change tack and repent, a fate held back by the hands of consequence
Walk the beaten track with my back bent, the pressure will simply not relent
Wondering where all my friends went, after the crash resulted in a huge dent
No shoulders upon which for me to vent, active ingredient missing just like hemp
So I’m all alone alone pitching my tent, though I’ve grown, I'm still filled with resent
For the unreciprocated ears I’ve lent, plagued with uncertainty like an office temp

Soldier on towards the path of least resistance, caught in idle circumstance
Major hitch in the march towards providence, as I ever so slowly advance
Fuck the rich, getting richer, as I remain stagnant with pictures fading fast
Do yourself a fucking favour, stop searching for a saviour, nothing ever lasts
Except all the things that perpetuate your irate fling with destruction of late
A fate so cruel that eventuates when you continue to drown out your fear and hate
Get yourself into quite a state, the river of denial is as strong as the day is long 
A defense mechanism at any rate, dirty water revival singing a tainted song
And though there is something missing between the schism, hope was there all along
In the ocean, floating outside the constraints of life's prison, you can right the wrongs

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