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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Another Rant

Without the loathsome, disgusting fuckheads of this world, who have done us wrong and continue to do us wrong, we wouldn't learn our lesson, albeit the hard way, and we'd have no standard, albeit an extremely low one, to measure ourselves against so that we can be decent people who do the right thing towards others and harbour only good intentions. Even if we don't always do the right things by others, if in our heart of hearts, we are pure and we have healthy, active minds that question everything, then we can hold our heads up high knowing we have done our best to refrain from doing harm to all, including our enemies. We don't always need to take our revenge on those who have slighted us by resorting to aggression and violence, for what do such acts actually ever achieve but more of the same. To those who say violence solves everything for those who don't respond to anything else, I say to pull your heads out of your arses. Instead, the swiftest and most effective way of getting rid of enemies is to kill them with kindness and compassion. That's what I intend to do to mine. Weapons are useless in the hands of the pacifist who merely fantasizes about how much harm they could do to the flesh of their most hated foes, for deep down they haven't actually done the unthinkable because of their respect for the power of peace and love. Don't let hatred consume you and make you give up on peace and love. I will not relent, rest or stop wandering this earth until I am surrounded by peace and love everywhere I go. Nobody is a waste of space. Everybody matters. Nobody, no matter how sinister, is inherently evil, despite doing unfathomable things to others. They just got caught up in the heat of the moment or a moment of intense anger or passion. It's enough to make people do things that make people others suspicious or even scared. But fear merely burdens us and is debilitating. Time to look past the past and get to the heart of the matter. I'd rather choose kindness over aggression any day.

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