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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I wear cheap silver and Buddhist beads, not gold, but you heed society's prescriptions and do everything that you're told

You shall never stop chasing the pot at the end of the rainbow, you're overflowing with bling and gold, just like lice on a hippie

If you think being rich is the pinnacle of achievement, you must suffer from mental derangement, now that's just silly

And you're constantly chasing pussy like it's the be all and end all, so this asexual beast shall watch you follow your willy

You must think that I must be crazy if that sort of jazz means fuck all to me, but at least my drug-fucked mind is free

Now it's time to step up the ante, as I storm into large corporate goods dispensaries and take what I fancy, and I don't give a fuck if they catch me

Because I know every little trick in the shoplifter's guide, didn't even need to read the 'Anarchist Cook Book', I've got no fear inside, can't you see?

Now you, being the consumer whore that you are, willingly hand over your money to those corporate thieves, but I act out exactly what I believe

And I refuse to listen to others' pleas for me to stop racking copious amounts of stuff, when I got arrested yesterday morning for a different matter, they didn't treat me rough

Due to my honesty and politeness, I got let off by the cops with a warning, I simply got so angry at nothing, not really in my character for me to act tough

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