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Saturday, February 06, 2016


People without hearts were doomed from the start, fucking others over just to get one small step ahead in a losers' game
Love is a must in rooms full of cunts, ready to pounce over an ounce of narcotics hidden under the carpet
Sure, they have hurt me bad mentally and financially, but it's only money and it can always be made back
Time to think things through rationally and not react so hyper-emotionally to the wolves and their cowardly attacks
Just watch me, I will get my life back on track, all those who have written me off shall see, no longer will I act all soft
My mind will be high above in the loft, as I hop over great hurdles and create miracles with my imagination
So turn off every single TV station, it's a sheep-machine-station fashion parade for fools with inferior powers of creation
I am my own god and master, and I own up to the whole lot, all the mistakes that have broken my heart and the heart of others
I owe it to my friends, my sister and my mother to create a fresh start for myself, for home is where the heart is
They've had enough for now but I will prove to them that I can figure out how to put the broken pieces together, we shall unite once again forever

I've been taken for a ride, stripped of all my pride, and traumatised inside my fragile mind
But I can feel the tides changing, too many people faking, phony sycophants can all go fuck themselves and leave their bullshit upon the shelf
There's nowhere left for me to hide and why would I want to hide anyway, going to hold my head up high
With the knowledge that I do the right thing by most others, don't deliberately screw over my sisters and brothers
Perhaps it's time to change album covers and listen to songs of wisdom, leaning towards the mellow side
I owe it to my indefatigable mother to stop repeating the same mistakes, and to glisten in the sun on a natural high
Do unto others as you would have them do to yourself, no honour in fucking over helpless elves and the meek
Everybody suffers so don't forget this simple fact of life before you have your way with the kind/weak
Equality and fairness is what I seek and following forth, it's the brutal truth that I try to speak
You may think me a bleeding heart fool, but you're the tool if you think you can get one over me

So easy to remember all the times they hurt you and made you break down in tears
No need to dismember their innards or hold on tight to their crimes against you, because nobody isn't in the wrong
They made me cry like I never cried before, almost broke my wrists, playing sad violin songs
You know that your heart works when others can really make it hurt; at least you can still feel
Each life is a work of art, the dirt stains tell the sorry story of a broken man who kneels
Before his enemies, unable to stand up against their exploitation and false persuasion
A whore who never learns from the voices and keeps on making the same old bad choices
When he shoots up his favourite medicine, they all get together and rejoice, making much noise
But it's never too late to change the road I'm on, I know I can be strong and able to resist the snake's hiss
No need to put on another light show spectacle, losing the game is not etched in his name for eternity, no more, fist in the air

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