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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Review: Backpacker City n Surf

You didn't care that I was in strife and almost lost everything I had including my life
All you cared about was getting rid of me on a false pretext, didn't care that I almost died
When I questioned you about how you slept at night you said not to talk to you anymore
You placed a move on notice on me even though you were in the wrong, telling lies about me
Right after I had just lost my wallet and all my rent money, how apt your lodge was located on Money St
All you cared about was squeezing the very last cent out of me while treating me like trash
Lucky for you I didn't do anything rash like stabbing you between the eyes with a knife
One belonging to your stingy Aryan arse, the whole situation was such a farce
You were the one in the fucking wrong, yet I was the one who was taken away by the authorities
Well, let me tell you something: you've just made yourself an enemy for life, one who carries knives
So you'd better watch your fascist back for you may just get stabbed when you least expect it
Pay back for the dirty lies you told the cops, even though you did nothing to help me
When I popped two bottles of pharmaceutical pills that could very well have killed me
You never gave a fuck about me, not even as a paying customer or a fellow human being
I did nothing wrong and the sooner you recognise that the better, I bet you derived pleasure
From turfing a fragile little person out on the streets without just cause or reason
Fuck you and fuck your lodge, watch out for the firebomb I will one day send to your house
Yes, you had better watch your back, I don't care if the authorities' are reading this threat
Fuck you and fuck your money-grubbing, pig-calling, lying ways; you will get your karma in the end
Dut to the way you act, I bet everyone at the lodge hates you and you have no real friends
Eat shit and die, you heartless piece of shit, next time you see me you will get king hit

(And I'm a pacifist)

To all those wanting to choosing a backpacker hostel in the Perth/Northbridge region, please avoid Backpacker City and Surf (on 41-43 Money St, Northridge)! The manager is a complete and utter arsehole, scrooge and liar. And a heartless one at that!

Review: 0 stars out of 5!

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