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Sunday, February 07, 2016


There is very little that I can say that is truly original.

Just about everything that can be said has been said before.

I need to eat more, continue chewing healthy food until I'm full.

Leave your hatred and arrogance at your back door.

What are you acting so bitter and angry for? Do you still need more?

I can see you've been hurt badly by others and your heart is sore.

So you take your indignation out on others in order to feel better.

Why don't you try writing those you consider to be your enemies a letter?

It would let them know where they stand in your books, that's for sure.

I'm think I'm writing this poem from myself to myself, just for myself.

Everything I've learned that counts can't be found upon a library bookshelf.

Need to start heeding my own advice and let go of all the excess rage inside of me.

Only then will I be able to set my jaded mind free and be able to see

That when people hurt you they may not necessarily think of the consequences of their actions.

Please don't go hating such people with a really stubborn and intense passion.

For such an attitude should be going right out of fashion, no need to start smashin' the fools who did you wrong.

Maybe I've been holding onto the pain, fear, and uncertainty for far too long.

It takes a bigger person to forgive your perceived foes, it only makes you strong, a mellow song.

Resolute about not letting others invade and haunt your thinking all of the time.

If anything, a lack of empathy and compassion was really their major "crime".

When you let go of all the negativity, you will feel better, maybe even sublime.

This is what I need to remind myself of all of the time, the major purpose for writing all of these most recent rhymes.

It was most cathartic and sure makes me feel less helpless and pathetic.

The future will be bright, filled with much light, I will embrace the special hands of magic.

My life is my own to live and control, things no longer need to be so tragic.

The way I was before was just a passing phase, I shall get better, much better.

There's no need to worry, hurry or be overly quick, just need to stop being so thick.

To make small changes every day, step by agonising step, is the trick.

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