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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Is life merely a game of make believe
where people disappear in between?
I bet my entire life upon two pairs of sharp scissors
But it's far from over, I'm here to stick it out
No more longer, will I attempt to end it all
What does it matter if I'm just really so small?
It's better than being a cunt and super-tall
I still don't know what I'm waiting for
Not here to settle any more scores
Only want to heal these agonising sores
In my mind, there's a nuclear war taking place
But I'm not going to let it break me down
Nor will I let cuntish people make me frown
Because I have a good reputation around town
Yes, my honesty and kindness is well renowned
And peace and love is my favourite sound
Also, I am a human being and not a clown
You know I have a way with words, can manipulate any noun
True happiness is only just around
the corner that is filled with challenges
I'm not afraid of any of their ugly faces
Love is the yummiest truth that I have ever tasted
Farewell to all the precious time that I have wasted
Everything is going to be alright from now on
As I keep on writing a mountain of poems and songs
Things will definitely improve, it's not going to take long
Because I will sort out all the things that went wrong
Things will be much better and I will get there
It doesn't matter where I am, I could be anywhere
There is always peace, love and hope in the air
So I don't really care if people stop and stare

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