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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Introspection Followed by Pen on Paper

I had almost lost all of my vision, in fact I was in fire water trouble.

But now I'm on a mission, to make people listen and realise that I'm not here for them to fuck me over.

All the people I am dissin' is only because they deserve it, deserve to be put in a boiling hot cauldron burning on a fire pit.

For all the pain they've put me through, for all the times they've set my heart smouldering, callously used me and taken advantage

Of my kindness, honesty and generosity, so sick of people who can see the fundamental goodness and lack of ulterior motives, 

And use it to better themselves with all the pieces of my kind heart upon the public bookshelf, as if I was some kind of sucker without defense

They butter me up, then they make me give them the shirt off my bony back and even the shoes I can't afford to lose

But I'm glad these things have happened, it's the indignant fuel that feeds my muse

Probably the most misunderstood dude in all of history, not much bullshit to the mystery due to the honesty that's too extreme to a foolish fault

I've got myself a blade now, was gonna take revenge on those who've done me wrong, but those aren't the right words in my heart broken song

It's not within me to hurt other people, it's not in my nature to do things that are harmful and evil

All I want is to get along with other people, to get to the heart of the matter, listen to the heart to that's been shattered as if your life mattered to me

Because I care too much about the feelings of other people, especially those who are genuinely damaged by this world that breaks us all down, fills our faces with frowns

I am the self-proclaimed prophet spreading the truth about town, the loudest ant upon the mound, just want people to know what I really think

And what I believe is that human kind is flushing itself down the sink, no, actually the fucking toilet

Men too afraid to walk around in pink, just so that they won't accused of being a poof

But who should really give a fuck what other people think, for we are all not conditioned to be self-conscious and insecure?

What should matter is if one's heart is pure and they are not a user and an abuser, but there are plenty of them out there

All I ask for is that people care about other people who have been there for them instead of chewing them up for all they've got

I got so hurt when people took the whole lot, when all I did was try to help them when they were at their wit's end, the least you could do for a struggling friend

But all they do is pretend that they will reciprocate when they've left it all too late, taken everything off my plate

When they damn well know I'm starving and skinny as skinny can be, it's quite plain to see

Forgetting to drink water so the bones can stick out more, I can't understand what I'm starving for

Perhaps it will make people notice how frail I am and how despicable it is to stand over me because it's too fucking easy

But they will fail in their attempts to break me down because I have a good reputation about town, when I walk around I don't have to look around and watch my back

Nobody is out to get me because I don't fuck others over in the street, and I'm the nicest guy when I'm sober and besides: I hate fire water

Don't think I'll ever have children because I'm too naive to look after a son or a daughter

And besides who would want to bring kids into a world as fucked up as the one we live in

All our values and collective greed should be thrown into a sin bin, it's full of vultures out to win

At the expense of people in developing countries who are struggling just to put food in their hungry bellies

I hate the pretense that we are all not profiting at the expense of the poor who get fucked over, while we eat the whole fucking pie

Too many people sucked in by lies, walking around in suits and ties, while their fellow human beings die

Of starvation, wars and preventable diseases, as we just do exactly as we please, working meaningless jobs to pay off a lease

I've had more than enough of this fucking shit, to tell the truth: it makes me sick to the depths of my empty stomach

That's why I carry around dirty fits, just so I can stab some greedy cunt in the eye, scare them shitless and makes them think they have AIDS

When I connect my hits, they are not physical and violent, the fragile and broken are safe by the dozen

Instead they are struck by acerbic words that are meant to challenge the status quo and make the clones and robots think, hopefully they will malfunction and make some links

Between the affluence they take for granted and all the wars our masters have started in the name of oil and resources, exploiting the poor who make up their armed forces

Fuck their murderous ways and the fucking loaded guns and bombs they give to their army, make them kill innocent people against their will, all in the the fucking name of greed

People's heads in a daze, can't believe they have lost their ways so, instead they should watch beautiful plants grow, start to sow some seeds of peace, no more greed

It's like we've all caught some mental disease, a form a malignant cancer, spreading all over the world like ice does in an ice age, actors reading out mainstream lines from the page, please tell me it's but just another passing phase

For fools who have simply been bought off by comfort and superficiality, get back to simplicity, it could be what sets us collectively free from all the memes of greed and all the lies that the masses believe

Stop chopping down trees, all those rain-forests destroyed just so your fat arse can eat more McDonald's, time for all the zombies to step in from the cold, let's all start loving one another and reading books like in the days of old

Suffice it for me to be to bold, but some creative force has taken ahold of me, enabling me to spit these words with which the majority would most likely disagree and make the psychiatrists think that I'm completely and utterly crazy

I just have to finish with these words of complaint, it's like I've been writing this whole rant sitting out in the pouring rain, but remember, despite how cutting and critical this diatribe may come across, all hope is not lost, not one bit at all

Even though this world is inside out and upside down, glitzy neon signs to hide the poverty in the alley ways, all the homeless people struggling through their days, hungry and scamming in order to survive, experiencing the darkest side of life without getting into too much strife

Recently got myself a knife, was so angry with myself and others, that I was prepared to use it, just to reclaim what they had stolen from me then Sandy reminded that it wouldn't change anything

I couldn't stab anyone anyway, not over money, or that would make me a hypocrite, wouldn't change things a bit, because scammers are sick and only scamming due to lack of empathy

But it doesn't have to be this way, we can all get along day by day without having to shit on one another, especially our sisters and brothers, your head I will not smother in a pillow

It's just that when you steal from me, it put's me in a state of sorrow and breaks my already shattered heart in even more pieces

No more longer at my wit's end, the saviour of my heart could truly be this pad and pen, and all the honesty and kindness I've been shown by my real friends, ones who would never abandon me in the end

Yes, I'm no longer at my wit's end :-)

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