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Sunday, February 14, 2016


If honesty is the best policy, then why does mine frequently comeback to haunt me?
The travesty of all my enemies always trying to scam me and take advantage of me, why do they taunt me?
Oh God, if you're anywhere out there, please don't let those fuckers hurt me anymore, for my heart is so sore
And don't let me use the blade I acquired to settle the score, I don't want to get involved in any violent war
Lately, I've turned into a crystal meth whore, there's nothing I wouldn't do for another hit of such poison
Thankfully, I've had good friends around to look after me, their kindness sets me free, but I've got no rhyme, no reason
Willfully, I sabotage all my chances of getting my junkie self clean, my bones protrude because I'm getting so lean, it's anorexic season
In my heart of hearts, I just want us all to get along, to listen to a peaceful song, oh all the hurt that I'm feelin'
I've been on a ganking rampage, doing things I shouldn't do at this age and stage of my life, always getting in strife, too much unfettered stealin'
I can't wait for the storm to end and to put up a fight so that i can reunite with all my old, caring friends, soon the vehicle of peace and love will start wheelin'

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