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Monday, February 15, 2016


Your loving kindness is a huge breath of fresh air
You held my shaking hand when I was in the depths of despair
And soothed my aching heart when nobody else even cared
For such treatment I was not the least bit prepared
A person with as much compassion as you is extremely rare
I don't care anymore if stupid people stop and stare
For through my teary eyes they will see an incendiary glare
Just because they didn't give a fuck even though they were aware
That I was afflicted by an immense state of pain and distress
And my crumbling life was a complete and utter mess
It was just a reflection of their lack of compassion, I guess
But at least you did indeed have a heart for me, you phoned me straight away
It was your ear to land and lack of pretense that saved the day
You listened to my problems, told me not to kill myself and washed away the tears
What you did for me on that dark day will be remembered for the rest of my years

I love you Maryanna Belle

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