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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The sun shines brightly for all who have the time and courage to step into it's illuminating light, without wanting to fight against it's natural glow, only purchase what you can afford (I think not)

When one begins to find the answers for the crimes one has committed against one's own soul, there is a blinding shining of bright light for the soul to absorb

The fun begins when you let go of the sadistic plans you made to take swift revenge on those who have done you wrong, and start to play the tune of a much different song

When the time comes for the tears to flow, to release the pent up hurt inside of a man who nearly died, it's OK to simply let it all go and cry like a baby or more like, a little girl

To combat all the woes inside a broken heart, you need to draw a line in the sand, it helps us to understand why the pain resides so deeply within the eternal soul, time for a new start

Maybe, get some pictures of those who have hurt you extremely bad and throw some darts at the spot in between their eyes, right on their ugly heads, at least you won't leave them for dead

A constructive way of releasing and redirecting the rage inside, while still holding on to peace and self-pride and a bit of respect inside, don't forget to collect the tears that you cried in a jar

Less destructive than repeating the same cruel acts your heartless and compassion-less foes inflicted upon you, let go of that wheelbarrow full of lies and sorrow

Also, stop shooting up poison, it's another step further from peace and love: heaven, and will leave you clinging to lumps of animal shit just like flies, yes, start today, not tomorrow

The biggest lesson to be be learned is to stop being so honest and generous, learn to be more dangerous and even somewhat famous among circles that matter, finally: stop being so fucking nice to cunts who don't deserve to be treated in such a manner

What I can't afford, I will take back without force, carefully and skillfully tucked away before I leave the exit, just be careful they don't see me stuff it away where they can't see, or they may just ruin my day

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