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Monday, February 15, 2016


Leave it to Mr Loving Kindness and Compassion to be led into blindness
By those who are unscrupulous and heartless, exploitation to excess
If they think scamming others is the pinnacle of success, then they must have rocks in their veins
Watch out for those who are hanging and desperate, they will always get their way and ruin another's day
If I be so bold to have my say, then if you are part of the game, you can only expect to be treated this way
They'll do whatever they may, in order to turn other's generosity into sunshine, shards and hay
The best way to deal with these scammer fuckers is to say nay and send then on their fucking way
Oh, the lessons I have learnt I could write a book about without a doubt, so please listen to what I've had to say

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