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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time to leave it all in the rear view and to put romantic fixations on novacaines for emotional pain into a box of good memories. There's a box for all our memories, good and bad and a time and place for everything. One's fate is contingent on the decisions one makes. We are all in the situations we find ourselves in as a result of these free choices, for, even in the most repressive of environments, we still have free will. The trick to moving forward and to get to where we would like to be is to assume responsibility for the past and to own our actions. It's never easy, as nobody likes to admit that they fucked up and made a huge mess of their lives. However, we can never be free of hang ups from the past until we have reclaimed ownership of our mistakes. It takes a brave person to do as such and will only build resolve and provide new insight into why we keep letting history repeat itself. We are all masters of our own destinies. Time to confine fear, hatred and self-loathing to the dustbin of history. Change is just around the corner. It starts with a simple decision to not give in to weakness and desire. We can achieve whatever it is that the imagination can conceive. Just a matter of self-belief.

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