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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Only cowards kick a hobo when he's down on his luck.
And spread rumours about him all about town.
It's enough to make even the most placid monk scream and shoot.
Because they think they know exactly what they're
speaking about.
Yet they omitt crucial details, tell tall tales; yes hyperbole prevails.
I've been drifting aimlessly in the red sea, lost without a rudder or a sail.
And sometimes I not sure what the difference is between being a male or female inside.
The sins of the father are forgiven but will never be forgotten; a matter of pride?
He was never when I needed to learn how to fight
Off bullies who take advantage of my kindness, makes me mad and resentful inside.

Take anything more you want to take from me; there's nothing left for you to take.
I don't mind because at l least my mind is now free; kill me for fucks sake.
The truth liberates us from the media's deceptive ways, washes away the rain.
I can see clearer now in each and everyway; getting stronger each and everyday.
I'm sick of my big brother; wish he'd leave me in peace and alone.
And I love my mother to death even though I I don't express it in the most effective way.
I'm about to dig up the bones she left for a rainy day.
Like a dog that's been starving to dearth due to cruelty and negligence.
And changes that occur came about by no accident.
No, I'm not insane, nor playing games.
I have found ample proof that Israel has set up a spy base in the Golan Heights to keep innocent people in their sights.

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