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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the fucking problem. If it's the human condition to be greedy, then why are poor people more generous towards the needy than the rich. Maybe it's because they understand poverty unlike you who has never had to worry about money you fucking spoilt, selfish bitch. Safe in your middle-class cocoon, with all the cake you've been spoon fed. As you dance to the tune of self-indulgent consumerism, happpiness fills your head . You don't really need a reason to buy that nice perfume or the latest iphone. But you do it anyway; and you've always got more room for more cake. You say you love animals but you're so fake. What kind of an animal lover is a gluttonous carnivore. Savouring the flavour of cadavers, you're such a consumer whore. How dare you judge me, leave your fucking judgment at the door. Once a junkie always a junkie, your endless bitching never ceases to bore. It's not my fault that you're fat or lack the cash to buy the designer crap that you covet. Why are you so bitter and spiteful? You know what. I've fucking has a gut full of your hypocrisy your double standards and your love of hate. And your selfish tendencies I simply cannot tolerate. And if it's money you yearn for then you're gonna have to wait. For you know constant poverty and is every junkie's fate. And if the reason you cake on all that make-up is to make you look pretty then let me tell you thats just silly if not sad. To be honest it makes you look like an ugly tart trying to hide your insecurity.

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