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i am the dissident poetician...i tear down fences with sardonic sardines and metaphysical cucumbers

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

we're all cogs in an enormous machine, there's a lot of dust to clean
this goes out to people in the margins, and the people in between
the military industrial complex, war is good for the economy
a light behind the rainbow reflects, the complicity of you and me
I was born into a poor family, money means very little to me
it's just a means to and end, there's no need to pretend
they we are actually civilised beings,  rampant greed is the enemy
this world is run by men with expensive pens, mountains of money to defend
we're all blind to the privilege, unaware of the disease, memes of greed
forget about need, this is what we want, we're all here to sow the seeds

Friday, November 14, 2014


I’m the king of the heap, I never sleep, I’m better than all consorts
I have ten degrees, a genius with depth of thought, never been caught...
Cheating with study aids, I get all the best grades, I’m an individual
Better than the educated average, I’m not like others, I’m special
They gave me the wrong marks, I should have got the full total
It was a binary error, not my fault, those academics are evil
They’ve got a vendetta against me, I’m an English gentleman like V
Despite my pleas, they wouldn't listen to me, why can't they see
How brilliant I beeth, don't make me seethe, wait a minute - I'm always calm
What individuals like about me is that I always leave a mark like strawberry lip balm

I'm afraid of a stampede of obese gals, raping me with brass dildos

I'm the epitome of sheer sex appeal, my name is Lex, and I get all the hos
I don't date fat chicks anymore, they hurt me the most, I'm such a bore
They don't know what I have in store, I'll key your car with this crab's claw
I'm not a hooligan, that's right, there's no need to fight, I'm a classy man
I'm going places, I've got refined social graces, I've got a master plan
I'm the right man for the job, they won't tell me "no", I'm a man on the go
Just gotta go with the flow, follow my brilliant mind, and I shall be CEO
I've been to uni for ever, that's why I'm so clever, I know all there is to know
I've done what it took, check out my e-book, it's quite the altruistic show

The sheer reality of human folly is really silly just like my hypocrisy
I'm a compassionate entity, an altruist of a non-pure variety 
In moments of passionate fever, I get paranormal visions of Shiva
I'm a proponent of pseudo science, I don't  believe in logic either
It proves the existence of a higher power, that's why I get sectioned
I'm a liberal Presbeterian, God will let me bring my narc diary to heaven     
I record everthing for posterity, like the time I got my scooter smashed
I don't like to drink heavily, my main goal in life is to make lots of cash
So I can buy myself some blonde bisexual bitches with huge knockers
My CV is fifty pages long, that's why pontential employers think I'm bonkers

I can't get myself a root, so I play 'Gay Bar' on loop, I wanna talk to you
I used to be a go-go dancer, yes it's true, I'm ashamed to be a Jew
I'm here to settle a score, I refuse to dance professionally any more
I'd like to pick up some barbie whores, my e-book is rudimentary and raw
I like to use the word "nigger",  my ego couldn't get much bigger
I'm a loser, I couldn't get any thicker, each year I get even sicker
I should really hide, I haven't gotten far even though I really tried
Yes, I'm so hard done by, I've been abandoned by the man beyond the sky
I have no shame at all, no internal filter, Shakespeare on my bookshelf
I really need help, but I never listen to others, always take the piss out of myself