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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


everywhere around me millions of sheep
I'm think that I am special, something unique
but I've switched off my brain, gone back to sleep
I'm so full of anger and doubts, can't find any
peace of mind so I rack up another line of ice
get back on the treadmill, I'll tell you how it makes me feel
like I'm going nowhere and I'm going there fast

and all the good times I used to have they never last
because I'm living on borrowed time, can't make up my mind
they say one has to be cruel in order to be kind
yes I've got no originality, that's why I'm falling behind
the eight ball, missing the point of the story all of the time

I'm just an imitator of an imitation of a clone
another year has passed but I've hardly grown
my mind is like mud, dirty and thick
I'd better grow up and I'd better do it quick
for life isn't a cartoon, nor a gangster movie
I'm living in a concrete jungle, why can't I see
that everything is a test, lessons to be learned
more than just about money that I have earned
and I'm living my life as if I am dead inside
somebody turned out the lights, stripped me of all pride
because I'm falling behind trends and all the latest fashions
and my soul is so poor I need to learn how to ration

I may as well give up, lay down and die
if I'm going to be a poser, believe my own lies
mustn't be a fool, must be more sublime than that
stop acting like a gangster with a backwards cap
for I've never used a gun, popped a cap in anyone's arse
and I've never had to suffer but I think I'm hard
I'm just white, male, pretentious and middle class
and my daddy just bought me a new g-ride car
no, I'm not black, not from the ghetto, not even close
I'm just another fool walking down a deserted road
time to grow up, to stop pretending, to just be myself
pick up a book from the bookshelf not something else

time to grow up


I'm not here to be pleasant, no I'm here to offend ya
fuck the powers that be and their corporate agenda
they're out to control us like a puppet on a string
they want us to bow down, not question anything
we are the slaves, the peons serving the king
he makes money off our labor and gives us nothing
we blindly consume shit as they shift more capital

we think it's our lot in life but that's not fucking rational
we will not do their bidding like passive circus animals
let's bring down their impenetrable fortress, fire a cannon ball
rush the gates of heaven, bring God down to his knees
we need to fight the powers that be, don't stop until we are free

question everything
don't be a fool
don't give them nothing
nobody's tool

they've brainwashed millions of our sisters and brothers
don't you forget this simple fact, always remember
that they're out to deceive us, feed us propaganda
make us believe everything that's recorded by a video camera
unquestioningly absorb all the information coming from the television
all the glitzy glamour and bullshit playing on every station
they will do anything to pacify us, stamp out all dissent
if you are down with the enemy then it's time to confess and repent
are we going to let this state of affairs continue for evermore?
no! it's time to stand up and be counted, to be more than just a whore
so let's wrestle back control of our bodies, stop moping in sorrow like Eeyore
this isn't a movie, a game or a fantasy, it's fucking class war

question everything
don't be a fool
don't give them nothing
nobody's tool


there's millions of users, turn on the computer
login to the account, I don't wanna fall behind, don't wanna miss out
so I check my newsfeed, the writing's on the wall
I scroll down the screen, searching for something, anything, something more
I check out my friend's posts, but they're all so distant like angry ghosts
there's nothing really worthy of my time, lame status updates and selfies
help me, how many duck faces they can pull, I'm just trying to be me
there's blood in the pool bitch, 
the Facebook god's rule over our attention, what posts will take ascension in my news feed
I wonder if these girls have ducks feet to go with their faces, I wonder if they tastin cum
if you play your cards right, you'll be pulling all the aces 
four of a kind, don't be dumb. don't be dumb

who are you posing for? you could be something more than just a camera whore,
who are you posing for? you could be something more than just a camera whore

these days be dark days indeed,
oh how it consumes our time, gets into our minds
we must keep updates on all those duckfaces
don't wanna miss out on a single pose,
just give me a double dose of the faces
but seriously girl, who are you foolin'- when ya do tha pullin? its tasteless
you wanna look beautiful but to be honest to god you look so pitiful
you take pictures from all angles, which side is your good side, 
I don't know girl, you're like a rectangle
I bet it strokes your pride to be the centre of all your friends' eyes, ho
but your always in disguise, can't ever be yourself, always posin' for someone else
never yourself, millions of fans, many adorers
and you believe that your selfies will make you wealthy one day, plastic aura
but i wonder if maybe you've lost your way? why are you so vain? ya got a yeasty flora? bitch got a yeasty...

who are you posing for? you could be something more than just a camera whore,
who are you posing for? you could be something more than just a camera whore

can't you think of something else worth posting
maybe I expect too much from you camera whores, only good at posing
its quite clear, quite evident that you're shallow as shallow can be, the pits
please stop clogging up my newsfeed with those stupid selfies, and tits
and although you are good to look at, I admit, I'm looking for something more than that, you ain't it
your posts are seriously whack, no one care about that, 
they take me back to the days of high school
all the girls be competing for male attention, who's cool, which of these guys is cool
all the guys be waiting to get in the hole: its holy ascension,
lining up to stick it in your pussy, that's school, girl you beyond redemption
you titillate all of the guys with photos of you posing like a ho,
are you simply here to show how good you are at blow jobs, are they just a dime?
show how good your arse looks in short skirts 
Is that all you're worth? just a dime? commitin' harlet crimes

who are you posing for? you could be something more than just a camera whore
who are you posing for? you could be something more than just a camera whore,

your just a camera whore
your just a camera whore


listen to the static silence inside of their cruelty and violence

the dark recesses of their gluttonous excesses, timeless
the deep chasm of despair that manifest into back spasms
the hedonistic pleasures that are derived from Godhead's leisure-
time, a power dynamic, they create our crimes
their lives: so tragic, purveyors of capital and plastic wares
this dissident did not become belligerent by accident
it's heaven sent, buyer beware, curse all that energy you have spent
because you're gonna need help, your body is up for rent,
you're gonna need the last reserves of your violent tendencies
they're gunning for you: the cops, the army, your enemies
they're corrupt as all fuck, it's quite plain to see
and they don't give a flying fuck about you and me

not one iota
out to fuck us over
they take pleasure
in fucking us over

they want you to simply consume, don't want you to resume
taking flight, for you and you ilk to put up a fight
so many fucking spectacles, they've got such long tentacles
that reach out far and wide, as they disseminate more lies
they'll destroy your pride in one fell fucking swoop
if you think you are free then your have clearly been duped
they want you to accept everything as it is, not participate
in the political processes that affect your life, not anticipate
the war against your body, but mainly against your mind
so why's your back up against the wall? why are your wasting precious time?
sleeping with the enemy, who lied when they told you that you are free
they want to control everything, control the world, control you and me

make us passive
sell us shit and black magic
think we are meek
like some delirious meth freak


another year
another line
age creeps up on us

before we know it
we're rolling down the hill

it was my birthday the other day
but the drugs didn't work
why didn't the drugs work?
so disappointing
fucking psych meds
destroy my fun

people seem stranger
than ever before
and nothing surprises
the alcohol hits harder
calves hurt more
can't stomp all night anymore
but with age
comes wisdom
and for some: maturity
I refuse to act my age
it's just a number after all

you don't know how much of a good thing you have
until it slips through your fingers
embrace your youth
embrace life
for you won't always be able to
stay up all night dancing
drink all night without falling asleep

youth is wasted on the young