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Saturday, August 09, 2014


a rush of blood to the head
the ugliness of concrete and neon lights
the superfluous spite of human nature
stockbrokers clamouring for gold and diamonds
reactive radiation flows back to the source
they keep coming back, gluttons for punishment
the sun explodes, as they pick up pennies
emptiness spreads its arms far and wide
the rich will have their day in the gallows
the tower of Babylon will collapse under it's own weight

we covet that which we cannot have
climbing over one another

the anger and despair of wasted youth
greed and lust will kill us all
the world will never soothe our appetite for destruction
how many carats will buy your soul?
the cuntish cretins build their castles on broken glass
wealth cannot quench their thirst for artificiality
they think they have it all but they have nothing
their overinflated egos will sink like the Titanic
so they keep on searching for something
anything that will fill the void within their hearts
only boring people get bored
too busy chasing after each other's money
I would much rather chase butterflies
and I may fall flat on my face
but at least my soul is mine
what the fuck does a rich man ever contribute?
fuck the rich and fuck their gluttony
I would much rather chase butterflies
candles burning halfheartedly in the dead of night
like the fools at an Amway convergence
they think they are going places
but they are going nowhere fast

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