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Thursday, August 21, 2014


face down
misinformation axes the door frame
the height of ignorance
the cow has a paddock slouch
automaton pushing buttons
he says there's not much left
that bender he went on
the bitter taste in the back of his dry throat
a voracious appetite
grass has never looked better

a light bouncing off the watch face
a shadow approaching in its demise
the evidence speaks for itself
a church approaching reverence
crème de la crème of lameness
the newspaper wept for them

onion tears fall into an omelette
foetal discrepancies abound

Stockholm syndrome
a means to no end
an end devoid of honour
lacking in triumph
kamikaze kids
the kaffir masses
banish the infidels for they eschew paradise
with their Western ideologies and Eastern food choices
tattoos and filth
hoe and MILF
bitches and bling
the pressure is on


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