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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


the grand theories of the godfathers

engulfing all in finality

so we reject the paradigms
and end up not saying much at all
all the multiplicities expressed with gusto
but something in between is missing
truth corroded, only narratives remain
the new way forward
the totality of totalitarianism
the project collapsing
the weight of compromise
and so Berlin did fall

as if rhetoric itself was enough
the ivory tower of academia
fighting battles through different volumes
depersonalized personal attacks
and the revolution is an essay
the argument is a convenient one
we're all such revolutionaries
sitting behind a screen and keyboard
picking battles from a sea of conflict
pontificating and pointing the finger
as if writing about it was enough

in the hallways of excellence
we find ourselves behind the eight ball
barely on par with lived experience
we arm up in the barricades
we pierce the enemy with verbal bullets
we are revolutionaries
we are living through the lens of history
waiting for a fault line to travel through
we run rings around the authorities
we stir trouble up like a petulant child
we are at the forefront, we are the vanguard
everyone else will fall into line
everything will change like never before
running through pipes in our dreams
we are as true as religion is false
we keep it real, retort with rhetoric
we wield it like it were a machete

the rejection of dogma
the rejection of truth itself
so we deconstruct the paradigms
crawl through holes like pink rabbits do

left only with rhetoric and self-promotion
a platter full of sickly sweet entrées
the ejaculation of rhetoric and vitriol
it's better if you can't be understood

we are the vanguard

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