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Friday, July 11, 2014


shrivelled triffids 
reaching up towards
the scorching sun
my rage is what
keeps me sane
but not on the roads
traffic congestion
the voice on the GPS
tells me to go
on the longest
route possible
after unnecessarily
wasting petrol
I arrive at my
she hops in the car
and tells me
the he's not ready yet
and besides,
we jinxed ourselves
so we decide
to loiter around
eat some cheese cake
hasten the onset
of lung cancer
then she checks her phone
and smiles at me
he's ready to go
I smile back,
knowing things
will be just fine
I start the engine
and off we go
another adventure
about to gather steam
hopefully more fun
than the previous time
we get there
in no time at all
she passes me
a cigarette
and I willingly oblige
hello, goodbye
he says in a heartbeat
before making his way
back to the rear door
from whence he came
we smile at each other
glad that we didn't
have to wait that long
so, off to Leederville
we go, taking
the scenic route
with her as my navigator
she's much better
than that stupid GPS
and her voice isn't
half as irritating
we buy some drinks
guzzle down to our
hearts' content
oh, how refreshing
I thought to myself
then we proceed to
walk back to the car
I drop her off at home
knowing full well
she is returning
back to loving hands
or in this case, paws
unconditional love
most of the time
especially when
the adorable darling
needs something
a day well spent
I think to myself
then I'm on my way
the voice on the GPS
tells me to go
the longest route
possible, again
stupid GPS

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