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Sunday, July 06, 2014


another moment
lost to spontaneity
always pining
for you to return
never realising
that love cripples
came falling down
tripping over a bonfire of self-sabotage
time brings about new perspective
sorts out the cookies from the door knobs
we need to fuck up in order
not to be an arrogant cunt
all consumed by trepidation and insecurity

insecurity sells
consume to feel better
you think you're climbing up that ladder
but really you're just falling
unaware of that which is glaringly obvious
it begs the question
why did you move next to the Joneses?
the answer is another question
did your workout out on the treadmill
make you feel like you were going places?
consumer paradise perfectly packaged

it the end what matters
is what we choose not to forget
sometimes choosing to forget
is easier that facing up to the holy temple
you're deviant if you disobey
well at least if you appear faux-alternative
and these masks and fa├žades we wear
are there to protect ourselves from
the liberating potential of pure truth
we believed, in folly,
that mainstream truth was truth
so we pledge allegiance to legalised murder
the war crimes we are all complicit in
and it can be said that silence is violence
it perpetuates the cycle of avoidable death

the average bogan automaton
can tell you how to bulk up at the gym
and which horses to bet on to win it big
the ones not slaughtered for being too slow
they can also tell us why boat people are scum
and why dole bludgers are a drain on society
they are full of knowledge that is recycled

from the corporate media and parroted line for line

rest assured the future brings us the opportunity
for respite, resurrection, renewal
and the chance to choose for oneself
living as it were your own choice
not coerced by power or the fear of punishment
choice is always available, so choose wisely

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