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Friday, July 11, 2014


a waste of time
as we daydream away
hoping to transcend
that which is banal
but only finding
that the patterns
paint the same path
of indignation
and bitterness
unwilling to accept
the status quo
unable to comprehend
the lack of compassion
towards desperate people
luxury cruise
SIEV interception
sent back to hell
they must be loaded
and the majority
are either criminals
or latent terrorists
send them back
from whence they came
it is perfectly safe
for them to return
war is over
so it must be safe
international anarchy
is the game
we are winning in
and the winners
are all white
middle class males
decent people
religious people
people who would send
people in need
back to persecution
and in some cases,
we've boundless
plains to share
with those
of an appropriate
skin colour
just not
dark skinned people

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