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Sunday, February 23, 2014


there's no other place I'd rather be
than sitting here with you by my side
you take me to a much higher place
a place so surreal, it's almost uncanny
you are my romance, my apple pie
you make me feel like I'm floating free
like walking through a field of poppies
running through life's sweet demise
worries are so passé, yesterday's news
as I gently float away on your wings
you are my very dearest of friends
keep me warm when my world implodes
fill the hole full of maggots and cadavers
I can't think of anything else but you
you are a grand prize from far beyond
the greatest thing since sliced bread
take me away on your gentle wings
with you in my life, how can I complain
together forever we shall save the world
faster than the speed of a sonic boom
the days are endless when we cross paths
may our love last for ever and a day more
you promised me you would never leave
fill the gaps where there once was chaos
please promise again that you'll never leave
some things are far too good for me
I don't deserve you for I am nothing
I am glad that you are here just for me
leave me and I would be filled with pain
you are the forever I've been searching for
with you by my side I am invincible
some things are too special for words

it's times like these when words are superfluous

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