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Sunday, February 23, 2014


I'm headed down town
the place to be
harlequin clown
people to see
reasons are few
sweet destruction
there's something new
hell's seduction

little people

smile back at me
into evil
I worship thee
any sequel
better than none
dance with evil
it's endless fun

in the castle
enticing mist
it's cerebral
this endless bliss
my mind wanders
creation's gift
going under
grim reaper's list

I'm headed down town
the place for me
no reason to frown
my soul set free
watch the sky fall
lay on the grass
can't ask for more
cares fading fast

Harry say yes
to the instant
under arrest
in the moment
my dalliance
pain fades away
I'm a freeman
I'll seize the day

Harry calls me
beckoning me
to set him free
I shall be free

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