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Monday, February 24, 2014


Through the eyes of compassion,
a doorway of lies and excuses
driven by the primacy of indoctrination:
fears and insecurities
and illusions and attachment to comfort.

If these banal moments of standardisation
are but the security blankets of order,
then humanity is more infantile
than the barking hounds of absolutism;
like a man with a head full of trivia,
a heart that pumps the cold blood of logic;
but devoid of the crucial wisdom.

For what good is knowing
when one does not understand what one knows?
A blind man enters the woods
and feels agitated by the absence
of industrial noises and techno nooses.

In the cold logic of supposed progress,
the more that one gains in simplicity
and the more one escapes from artificiality,
the less civilised one becomes
and the more respectability one stands to lose,
while we forget that we are all but filthy animals,
hellbent on destroying all and sundry...
out of hate, out of fear
and out of the lust to feed the need for greed
so that short-sighted cabals of cuntish cretins
can wipe out all the statistical inconveniences!

I apologise for preaching
like a self-righteous preacher.
I'd much rather be teaching
like an awe inspired teacher.
Never lose sight of your humanity.
If you think that your excrement is not pungent,
then you have already shot the truth in the foot.
Never lose sight of the light within.
Keep a sense of humour,
stay human.


Sunday, February 23, 2014


there's no other place I'd rather be
than sitting here with you by my side
you take me to a much higher place
a place so surreal, it's almost uncanny
you are my romance, my apple pie
you make me feel like I'm floating free
like walking through a field of poppies
running through life's sweet demise
worries are so passé, yesterday's news
as I gently float away on your wings
you are my very dearest of friends
keep me warm when my world implodes
fill the hole full of maggots and cadavers
I can't think of anything else but you
you are a grand prize from far beyond
the greatest thing since sliced bread
take me away on your gentle wings
with you in my life, how can I complain
together forever we shall save the world
faster than the speed of a sonic boom
the days are endless when we cross paths
may our love last for ever and a day more
you promised me you would never leave
fill the gaps where there once was chaos
please promise again that you'll never leave
some things are far too good for me
I don't deserve you for I am nothing
I am glad that you are here just for me
leave me and I would be filled with pain
you are the forever I've been searching for
with you by my side I am invincible
some things are too special for words

it's times like these when words are superfluous


I'm headed down town
the place to be
harlequin clown
people to see
reasons are few
sweet destruction
there's something new
hell's seduction

little people

smile back at me
into evil
I worship thee
any sequel
better than none
dance with evil
it's endless fun

in the castle
enticing mist
it's cerebral
this endless bliss
my mind wanders
creation's gift
going under
grim reaper's list

I'm headed down town
the place for me
no reason to frown
my soul set free
watch the sky fall
lay on the grass
can't ask for more
cares fading fast

Harry say yes
to the instant
under arrest
in the moment
my dalliance
pain fades away
I'm a freeman
I'll seize the day

Harry calls me
beckoning me
to set him free
I shall be free

Saturday, February 15, 2014


memories in my eye
it's time to wake up
to myself
this is the new normal
nothing is quite here,
nor there
I didn't come here
to hand control over
to my enemies
greedier than greed
take another puff
of that poison
sunlight shining
from the beyond
eternity falling
from way above
sunlight piercing
through the cocoon
infinity finding
no conclusions

allergies in my skin
I spend so much time
scratching those itches
this is the consequence
nothing quite compares
I didn't write this
to free some skeletons
choose some words to share
find another word
from the thesaurus

sunlight shining
from the beyond
eternity falling
from high above
sunlight piercing
through the façade

infinity dancing
with destruction

Friday, February 14, 2014


killing machines all around me

cool breeze blowing from the horizon

everything ruined by those machines

but we are all lost without with them

I wait quielty for something to happen

a part of us wants something more

good things come to those who try

but nothing happens if we simply wait

we are all creators and co-authors

if we don't make it happen: it won't

Thursday, February 13, 2014


walking against

the flow of traffic

blowing bubbles

exquisite rainbow

slowly fade away

as light as anorexia

fractal ornaments

floating gently

colours swirling

embers falling

gleeful harlequin

in haunted space

soaking it all in

enchanted forest

at one with eternity

drifting with infinity

bright neon lights

perfect moment

time stands still

in perpetual sands

on the other side

worries fade away

universe beckons

to explain itself

holy communion

forever floating