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Saturday, December 28, 2013


in a heartbeat, another year has come to pass. 

yet, the prison of limbo is still the status quo.
is retrograde motion the way to progress
or have the wheels already been set in motion?
new year's resolutions are for the feeble minded.
change starts from within and it starts here and now,
for everything is always in motion: the only constant.
moments, snapshots and glimpses are all we have
to anch
or our experiences to the ocean of (un)reality.
our naïveté drives us to search in vain for answers
to questions concerning the purpose of existence,
hogtied to the sinking ship of linear perception.
the chaos of infinity is pleading to be uncovered,
waiting for us to transcend our perceived limitations.
the future offers us a smörgåsbord of opportunity,
from which we can create something breathtaking.
this dilettante is sick of starting things I do not finish.
from now on, I will climb hills before scaling mountains.

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